You can email companies whose regular purchases of Bangladeshi products help fund the ethnic cleansing of Hindus there (phone calls are even more effective). Bangladesh is also known for allowing unsafe, even dangerous, conditions for textile workers who are subject to periodic disasters that involve extensive loss of life.

Corporate email addresses and web sites are provided below. You can cut and paste the following text in your email or personalize it yourself. Put "Your Bangladeshi Purchases support Ethnic Cleansing" in the Subject Line. Here is the suggested text:

The United States is the top destination for Bangladeshi exports, and your company is a major reason. Your purchases not only ratifies unsafe labor conditions and the consequent loss of life; they also provide the economic engine for Bangladesh’s ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

Since Bangladesh became a nation in 1971, Hindus have been reduced from almost a fifth of the population to about one in 15. This has been done through directed, anti-Hindu human rights atrocities including murder, gang rape, child abduction, religious desecration, and more. The Hindu American Foundation counts over 1200, and human rights activists confirm an average of at least one per week today. In addition, Bangladesh’s Vested Property Act has allowed the government to arbitrarily seize about 80 percent of all Hindu property, impoverishing and de facto expelling the owners.

Not only have successive Bangladeshi governments, including the current one, refused to prosecute these crimes, they also look the other way when officials participate in them.

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee is planning public hearings on the matter, and we urge you to stop purchasing goods from Bangladesh and prevent your good name from being associated with ethnic cleansing. You also would be helping to save millions of innocent lives.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Richard Benkin at 847-922-6426 or Thank you.

Here are the web sites and emails:

Wal-Mart Global Corporate Ethics Office
Wal-Mart CEO Michael Duke email

The Gap Corporate Headquarters with a number of ways to contact them
CEO: Glenn Murphy

Macy’s Corporate Headquarters email form and a link to other contacts
CEO: Terry Lundgren

CEO: Edward Lampert

JC Penney Corporate headquarters site with a link to file a complaint
CEO: Ronald B. Johnson

VF (Brands, including Nautica and The North Face)
Corporate headquarters with a link to file a complaint
CEO: Eric Wiseman

Target Corporate headquarters email form
CEO: Gregg Steinhafel email

Kohl’s Emails and contact information for various corporate departments
CEO: Kevin Mansell

American Eagle Outfitters (brands include Levis) contact information for corporate responsibility
CEO: Robert Hanson
Board of Directors email
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