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Michael Ross: Welcome to the University of Victoria, a.k.a. Che Guevara U

Feb 3, 2012 – 7:00 AM ET | Last Updated: Feb 2, 2012 4:36 PM ET

ADRIAN LAM/Postmedia News

ADRIAN LAM/Postmedia News

Students take a break from studying beside a fountain at the University of Victoria in Victoria.

By Michael Ross

At an espionage symposium at the University of Victoria in 2011, I spoke after a history professor who gave a lecture on the history of the CIA. I realize the CIA has had its share of shady moments, but this was an hour-long diatribe that could have been written by Fidel Castro. When I took the lectern, I told the audience that I’d be talking about the world of espionage, minus the politics, seeing as they’d endured enough ideological indoctrination for one day.

Were I asked to define the mission of a university, I would say it is the pursuit of truth and the dissemination of knowledge through research and teaching. Universities should enjoy autonomy as institutions, governing their own affairs internally and making their own decisions on academic matters. Having said that, some university departments have discarded the ideals of eternal truth in favour of mindless relativism and anti-Americanism/anti-Zionism; essentially existing as moral dead zones where faculty do little more than indulge their basest political biases and engage in what I can only describe as ivory-tower intellectual onanism.

Take for instance, the University of Victoria’s Social Justice Studies Department. (On the departmental website, a nostalgic photo of Che Guevara fades in and out, and readers are reminded that UVic is situated on the “territory of the Coast and Straits Salish people.”) A quick scan of the event list for February includes presentations on the gendered politics of militarization and globalization, the question as to whether the global justice movement is colonial, and of course that “social justice” staple that appears with the frequency of a bad penny: “Israel’s Blockade of Gaza — Canada’s Role.”

That’s right. Syria’s civil war, in which thousands have been killed, including hundreds of children tortured and murdered, apparently is a non-issue on campus. Iran’s nuclear ambitions and terrorism-sponsoring in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria aren’t a priority. Robert Mugabe’s megalomaniacal destruction of Zimbabwe is off the syllabus, and Nigeria’s worsening religious-ethnic bloodshed is outré.

What is important to the UVic Social Justice Studies Department, however, is Ehab Latoyef — this being the Captain Ehab of the “Freedom Waves to Gaza aid flotilla” — who will be speaking at the university later this month. The university describes Mr. Lotayef as a “Montreal-based poet and long-time solidarity activist, who was on board the Canadian humanitarian aid boat, the Tahrir, which was heading to Gaza when it was hijacked by the Israeli navy in international waters.”

This is what the university considers social justice: A ridiculous pantomime that sailed last November to ostensibly break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, but instead made fools of themselves after the UN Inquiry found that Israel’s blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza is entirely legal under international and maritime law.

It’s a sad reflection on any university that it has allowed its core principles to be subsumed into a self-perpetuating political and cultural subset of its faculty that is less intent on illuminating young minds than perpetuating their own ideological control of the syllabus.

National Post

Michael Ross is a former deep-cover officer with the Israel Secret Intelligence Service (Mossad).

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  • rattler 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    University of Victoria, still waiting for an invitation to join the 21st century.
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  • TorJohn 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    Higher education was degraded when areas of study were called social sciences, implying that they were  science. They are nothing of the sort. In most cases they are ideology masquerading as academic disciplines. "Social Justice Studies" is a perfect example of this.

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  • udhhdyettss 2 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
    Yes dear, you get that degree in The Influences of Greek Philosophy on European Feudal Social Structures, with a minor in Latvian Folk Dancing and ...and...and ...what? You got a plan for that? The gas Bar at Cdn Tire might hire you if you do not tell them about your degree.
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  • Joe Ordinary 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    If that's what they studied it wouldn't be so bad.  Unfortunately the reality is a lot more far-left socio politico Occupy Wall Street type of crap.
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  • npagliccia 2 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
    Mr Ross might have been a
    deep-cover officer but he certainly is not a deep-thinker. His is the kind of
    criticism for the sake of criticism. Two examples: 1) How did he go from a
    University as a place for “the pursuit of truth” to a place “of eternal truth” in the same paragraph? Any conclusion from that false premise (eternal truth) must be false. 2) The story that “the UN Inquiry found that Israel’s blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza is entirely legal under
    international and maritime law” is Mr Ross's story, and he knows that. That inquiry had a very controversial background because of its biased participants. The more reliable story that was not mentioned is that a less controversial report by UN independent experts did find that “The blockade of Gaza continues to violate international law” (

    And by the way, the blockade is illegal because it punishes innocent civilians.
    That is precisely what the Canadian Boat to Gaza argues.

    Attend the lecture in your pursuit for truth. Otherwise, Mr. Ross, I think you will be better off going back to deep-cover.
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  • mrbuddhafreak 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    I don't know why I'm bothering to reply to what will almost certainly be a hit and run from someone who hasn't a clue what he's talking about, but here goes.

    1.  Given the absence of eternal truth, is there still any question that universities should at least be involved in the pursuit of truth?
    2.  Your claim that the second report was less reported is true. It was less reported because it was only a commentary on the original Palmer Report, which ruled the blockade to be legal.  Also, it's independence was called into question because Richard Falk, one of the more notorious anti-Semites in the the UN (isn't that a tough position to earn) was on the 'independent' panel.  You are right about it being less controversial.  If I went to Damascus or Gaza or Tehran I could shout 'Death to Israel, Death to the Jews' all day without anybody finding my words controversial.  Like your 'independent' report, it wouldn't be reasonable or right.
    The blockade is legal, and the fact that civilians are inconvenienced...not punished, is regrettable, but still legal.
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  • Uncle Peter 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    As I'm sitting here contemplating my navel I remember when I first became aware of the existence of universities and even then Liberal Arts, as it was properly called, was looked upon as the last refuge of disenchanted young people terrified of losing mommy and daddy's financial support. About the only thing the courses qualified them to do was to meddle in the social affairs of the general population and seek out the highest paying jobs with the least qualifications and need to work. Sadly the majority of Liberal Arts teachers are graduates from the very same courses resulting in a form of intellectual inbreeding thereby resulting in even more retarded growth in intellectual ability. I suppose one could say that Liberal Arts is a prime example of intellectual Darwinism taking place.
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  • Uncle Peter 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    This guy was in the Mossad, so what? What does that have to do with granola crunching, left wing followers of Mayor Butterfly etc? Just wondering.

    Now, let us see what is said about credentials.
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  • Bulldog777 3 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
    More rubbish from Victoria's Zionist apologist.
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  • Americano 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    Better an "apologist" for Israel than an apologist for terrorists, thugs, and regimes that murder their citizens:
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  • Joe Ordinary 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    Interesting analysis.  Did you learn that in polysci?
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  • echohawk 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    ahhh a breath of fresh air , thank you Mr Ross :)

    When I was in school it was never welcomed to challenge any teacher or prof on the material he/she was teaching in fact you could quickly go from being the darling of the class to the classroom goat that the teacher would love to kick. ( metaphorically speaking )
    The only consolation is when science proves I was right  and the nonsencial garbage that was being taught to me was wrong ,,, it only took 25 years:P

    Anyways when I took my argument to my parents , my father told me " regardless if I am right , the purpose of a student is to listen and regurgitate everything they are taught in school. It does not matter if it is accurate information or not, or if I even share that educational institute's political biases and slants ."

    It is sad however how politically slanted our Educational system is becoming .
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  • NorthGuy! 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    Ahahahahaha, what a punchline!

    "Michael Ross is a former deep-cover officer with the Israel Secret Intelligence Service (Mossad)."
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  • jlaspence 4 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
    I live on Stalingrad Island.  The whole place is awash in Berkinstocked, old-hippy, Trotsky-bearded (male & female), pot-head communists/socialists.  For the most part, retired CBC, academia, government employees, sustained with tax-exempt mega-indexed pensions, and every health-care benefit known to man, paid for by other taxpayers.  Typically, they live to (on average) 147 - all the while complaining about their poor health.  They live in a strange time-warp in a land that time forgot - lost to history and reality, steeped in their own self-perpetuating myths and fantasies.   They worship the Holy Trinity of Marx-Engels-Lenin; and what few children there are, are put to bed with stern warnings that the evil goblin Gorbachev and his troll servant Reagan will come and eat them if they do not go straight to sleep.  They think that gulag is a type of Hungarian stew, Jews are pushy and work too hard - not that they've ever met one; and like a Polynesian cargo-cult, await the arrival of Lord Lenin who will rescue them from the evil dragon, Harper, the Destroyer of Benefits, who lives on the mainland, devouring all who come too close to the shore (hence their vehement opposition to a...
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  • sometown 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    Sassy - Freedom 55?
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  • sometown 2 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
    "At least the scenery is nice, and our cougars are sane. "

    Hopefully, you're not talking about the those  147 yr old Berkinstocked knee sox and poncho wearing hippies with both upper lip hair and beard with their hair nicely braided? Or are you?
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  • Sassylassie 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    When we were transfered to Victoria it was refered to as the "Blue rinse club" where one received senior discounts at 55.
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  • marc63 6 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
    Comical propaganda. One would have thought Jonathan Kay's 'ghost' could have come up with something better than "Look how bad these guys are" as 'proof' of the ideological bent of a particular university department. Here's one that 'Michael Ross' didn't mention: Which country has been the subject of more UN resolutions than every other country in the world combined?

       If you see the world through the lens of 'Israel First' - as Ross does, considering he earlier penned the missive 'forging Canadian passports is an acceptable action when killing Israel's adversaries' - then your idea of 'truth' is the definition of 'moral relativism'. Funny how Ross doesn't mention any challenging of the 'hour long diatribes that could have been written by Fidel Castro'. Cat got your tongue? Apparently 'your sister takes off her clothes for men' - Ross's repeated counterpoint to any criticism leveled at Israel - must have slipped his mind.
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  • Americano 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    There are 118 people (so far) who know you're a troll and that means that at this moment in time the only 2 friends you have are Google and your right hand, why not go use either one and stop trolling.
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  • Joe Ordinary 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    "Which country has been the subject of more UN resolutions than every other country in the world combined?"

    You're absolutely right marc, the UN is an ideological basket case.
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