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New articles for 2018:

New articles for 2017:
One single pro-US, pro-Israel Pakistani stands up against his countrymen (by R Benkin)
Pakistanis try to Silence Pro-US, Pro-Israel Voice (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin's Address to World Hindu Federation, Varanasi
Save Net Neutrality (by R Benkin)
A Unified Bengal – A Benkin’s Dream (by R Benkin)
Countering Pakistan's Duplicity (by M Rahim with R Benkin)
Pakhtun Relevance: Richard Benkin's Address to Afghan gathering 10/27/17
Understanding US reactions of events in South Asia (by R Benkin)
Why the U.S. should pay attention to Balochistan (by R Benkin)
Crossings ban won’t affect Afghanistan economically (by I Waziri)
Brexit at Bay (by R Benkin)

New articles for September and October 2016:
The unseen war: The Islamist assault on dissidents (by Z Jasser)
Everyone is talking about Bangladeshi Hindus except West Bengal (by R Benkin)
Is Uri the beginning of the end for Pakistan? (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin's interview on MyInd

New articles for July & August 2016:
Richard Benkin's address to Hindu Mahasabha of America
Leaders in Pakistan and Bangladesh allow religious radicalization to take place on their soil- Dr Richard Benkin (AT News Analysis)
West Bengal ignoring rising ISIS activity (by R Benkin)

New articles for June 2016:
Govt involvement alleged in Bangla killings (by P Yalamanchi)
Round up the usual suspects (The Economist)

New articles for January, February, March 2016:
East Meets West in the Land of Ignorance (by R Benkin)
ISIS has set up shop in India (by R Benkin)
Hindu persecution in East and West Bengal: A Failure of Hindu Leadership (by R Benkin)
Bangladesh Continues its War on Human Rights (by R Benkin)

New articles for December 2015:
World ignores Balochistan occupation (by R Avraham)

New articles for November 2015:
Is ISIS in South Asia? (by R Benkin)
Muslim Blood and Al-Aqsa (by B Tawil)

New articles for September 2015:
Exploring the power of ‘Hineinei’ within Hindu-Jewish relations (by R Benkin)
How Israel prevented ISIS from going nuclear (by M Freund)

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