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New articles for 2019:

African nations lead escape from Chinese debt trap (by R Benkin)

Open assault on Hindus continues unabated in Bangladesh (by R Benkin)

Hindus of Bangladesh: A quiet case of ethnic cleansing - a video by Richard Benkin and UPWORD

US scholar sounds out warning about OBOR (United News of Bangladesh)

Bangladesh's alternatives to China's debt trap diplomacy (by R Benkin)

Muslims Stand With Jews at Buchenwald (by R Benkin)

Dr Benkin visits The Asian Age (by S Mia)

Look before you leap; Think Tank about Chinese BRI (by S Mia)

US scholar sounds out warning about OBOR (United News of Bangladesh)

Benkin's Keynote speech: "Don't Take the Bait"

Editorial rebuttal on religion and terrorism (by R Benkin)

French Government Radio calls China's Belt and Road 'Scary' (by R Benkin)

Richard Benkin works with Hindu youth in India

Protest outside United Nations against Pakistan (by ANI/Business Standard)

Antisemitism in Bangladesh (by R Benkin)

Bangladesh must avoid China's debt trap diplomacy (by R Benkin)

New articles for October, November, December 2018:
US Midterm Election Results (by R Benkin)
Dr. Richard Benkin's official statement to US Congress on Bangladeshi Hindus
What does Jamal Kashoggi’s killing have to do with CPEC? (by R Benkin)
Anti-Hindu election violence under scrutiny (by R Benkin)
US elections remain close (for Bangladeshi audience) (by R Benkin)

New articles for July, August, September 2018:
Is Bangladeshi democracy threatened? (by R Benkin)
Benkin's Address to American Resurgent
Communal Harmony, Peace and Conflict (Daily Asia Age)
Bangladesh is a role model (by P R Biswas)
Benkin's address to Bangladesh International Mediation Society
I've seen what Open Borders can do. Stop them at any cost! (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin on American Freedom Watch Radio
Richard Benkin at GraceNetRadio on the "Hindu Holocaust"

New articles for April, May, June 2018:
Indian Hindu Leader Hosted in Shomron, Israel (by R Benkin)
As Muslim world embraces Israel, Bangladesh's holdout threatens its 'moderate' label (by R Benkin)
Bangladeshi Hindus likely to face new horrors with upcoming elections (by R Benkin)
Government obliged to prevent election time violence against Hindus-The Asian Age (by R Benkin)
Communal Trauma and monstrosity (Review of A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing by M U H Chowdhury)
What is Moderate Islam? Dr. Richard Benkin in conversation with Shaurya Ritwik
As We Say ‘Never Again,’ Bangladesh’s Hindus Are in Imminent Danger (by R Benkin)

New articles for January, February, March 2018:
Pashtun Muslims battle Taliban (by R Benkin and R Amin)
Indian Politics and Polity shift to the Right and Away from Europe (br R Benkin)
At a mere 7 per cent, Bangladesh Hindus under threat, says US rights activist (Express News Service)
China Patronage could be very costly (by R Benkin)
Hindus in Bangladesh fast dwindling: Human rights activist (Business Standard)
Benkin meets ministers, AG (Asian Age)
LATE POSTING: UN Refugee Day Commemorated in Artesia with Appeals for Fighting Radical Terrorism (IndiaWest)
The Trump Factor and the Pashtuns (by R Benkin)
Remembering the Danes’ Heroic Holocaust Actions (by R Benkin)
A Pashtun Village Elder Praises President Trump (by R Benkin)
India's Modi abandons legacy of Muslim appeasement (by R Benkin)

New articles for 2017:
One single pro-US, pro-Israel Pakistani stands up against his countrymen (by R Benkin)
Pakistanis try to Silence Pro-US, Pro-Israel Voice (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin's Address to World Hindu Federation, Varanasi
Save Net Neutrality (by R Benkin)
A Unified Bengal – A Benkin’s Dream (by R Benkin)
Countering Pakistan's Duplicity (by M Rahim with R Benkin)
Pakhtun Relevance: Richard Benkin's Address to Afghan gathering 10/27/17
Understanding US reactions of events in South Asia (by R Benkin)
Why the U.S. should pay attention to Balochistan (by R Benkin)
Crossings ban won’t affect Afghanistan economically (by I Waziri)
Brexit at Bay (by R Benkin)

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