Articles posted in 2010


Hope and Change 2010 (by R Benkin)

Is Hindu-American Community Coming into its Own? (by R Benkin)
Corruption and Neglect in West Bengal Dooms Bhadrakali Women’s Camp Refugees (by R Benkin)
How Obama sabotaged Middle East peace talks (by J Diehl)
Deganga's Hindus abandoned by own (by K Gupta)
Ill winds that blow through Deganga (by R Benkin for The Pioneer)
Congressional Candidate Pollak Focuses on Indian Americans (by R Benkin and M Patel)
The War against the Jews (by R Murdoch)
Jagriti Marks Gandhi Jayanti with Panel Discussion (India Journal)
Op Ed Calling India Pariah State odd Choice for Israeli Publication (by R Benkin)
As if we needed more evidence... (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin's Address to Jagriti about Bangladeshi Hindus, California October 2010
Picture of Jagriti Address, October 2010
Letter from a Forgotten Jew (by D Harris)

Deganga Intifada? (by R Benkin)
Time to policy shift not to bleed and weep (by A Tripathi)
Infiltration: A threat to national security (by P Chakraborty)
Sikh Woman Fights for Afghan Women’s Rights (by J Singh)
Benkin part of California panel on Bangladeshi Hindus
All Factions Need to Heed lessons from Delaware (by R Benkin)
An Appreciable Act by a Non-Hindu working for the cause of Hindus (Sanatan Prabhat)
Is Netanyahu a 'Master Manipulator'? (by D Harris)

Democrats Turning Tail in Land of Obama (by R Benkin)
Illinois Democrats Dare Jews to vote Republican (by R Benkin)
Brutality on Ahmadiyas in Bangladesh (by S S Choudhury)
Durbin lucky he didn’t have Obamacare (by R Benkin)
India and Israel United (by J Puder)

Europe's Jewish Problem (by M Dann)
Bangladesh adopting Statute change: New Appeasement to bluff minorities (Asian Tribune)
What India Waits For (by A Tripathi)
India’s Future: Trend should be a Friend (by M Muthuswamy)
Greater Pakistan: Mughalstan (Hindu Janajagruti Samiti)
Does Obama care about Religious Freedom? (by M Hemmingway)
Israel and the Flotilla: On the Dangers of a Binary View (by Q Ahmed)
Ethnic Butchery and Genocidal Massacres: Perpetrators and Bystanders to the Islamist campaign to Get Rid of Bangladesh’s Hindus (br R Benkin)
A True Moderate Muslim And Why Obama Sides Against Him (by B Shapiro)
Muslims try to Stop Me (in Marathi)
Islamization of Northeast India no Coincidence (by R Benkin)
Muslim Zionist Speaks Out in Bangladesh (by H Fendel)
Abbas Eulogizes Munich Massacre Mastermind (by T ben Gedalyahu)

Jihadist conglomerate in Bangladesh preparing for offensives (by S S Choudhury)
World silent as 12 Kurds die in Turkish bombings (by R Benkin)
Like anyone thinks Israel's decision will matter? (by R Benkin)
Left ignores real human rights victims (by R Benkin)
Those Troublesome Jews (by C Krauthammer)
AP INTERVIEW: Turkish aid group had terror ties (by A de Montinquiou)
3 flotilla fatalities 'dreamt of martyrdom' (by A Magnezi)
Israel Does the Impossible: Brings Peace between Greeks and Turks (by R Benkin)
In Aftermath of Gaza Flotilla Violence... Increase in Media Failures (by G Ini)

The fruits of weakness (by C Krauthammer)
Charge: Obama Systematically Ignores PA Hate-Mongering (by H Fendel)
Politicians sheltering militants in Punjab? (Daily Times of Pakistan)
Ignore Indian Events at our own Peril (by R Benkin)

"Murder and Jihad": Richard Benkin's Speech to Hinduism Summit, Chicago, April 2010
Hinduism Summit, Chicago 2010
The “Zionist Hindu Crusader” Alliance Marches On (by W R Mead)
Arab World: A tale of two Palestinian authorities (by J Spyer)
America's Future is with Asia, not Europe (by R Benkin)
Iranian Spy for CIA: ‘Weak West’ Will Cause War with Iran (by T ben Gedalyahu)
America's Wounded Ally (by S Ganguly)
Israeli Diplomatic Offensive a No-Brainer (by R Benkin)

A deepening crisis between U.S., Israel (by J Bolton)
India's Rise, America's Interests (by E Feigenbaum)
The Netanyahu-Obama Meeting in Strategic Context (by G Friedman, Stratfor)
Key Democrat Breaks with Obama on South Asia (by R Benkin)
Russia, India: Coming Together Again Over Afghanistan (Stratfor)
And I'll thank you not to call me a RINO (by R Benkin)
US State Department affirms support for Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury (by R Benkin)
Have we learned anything? (by R Benkin)
Changes of Bangladesh Constitution: What the government is up to? (by K M A Malik)

Kerry Pushing Same Nonsense (by R Benkin)
Benkin: Chicago Terror Suspect Cased Sites For Pune Attack (The Iconoclast)
Pakistan agrees to talk, sort of (by R Benkin)
Another Victory for Strength over Appeasement (by R Benkin)
American Jewish Activist in India (Weekly Blitz)
Pakistan breaks off India talks on Mumbai attacks (by R Benkin)
More Silence about Islamist Ethnic Cleansing (by R Benkin)

Help, not Hate (National Post)
The handling of the Christmas Day bombing suspect: the scandal grows (by C Krauthammer)
FORCEFIELD - an NGO Force for GOOD (Australian Islamist Monitor)
Useful Idiots (by D Harris)
More Proof of Jewish Historical Title to Israel (by R Benkin)
Will Bangladeshi Government Wake up in 2010? (by R Benkin)
A phony peace process (by R Benkin)
Bangladesh: End of trauma – beginning of hope? (by S S Choudhury)
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