Articles posted in 2011

Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2011 (by R Ibrahim)
Newt Brings Real Approach To Middle East Peace Efforts (by R Benkin)
Gingrich Says ‘Enough Lying about the Middle East’ (by T B Gedalyahu)
Of course, It's About "Fairness" (by R Benkin)
Scary US Views (Jpost editorial)

Hindu girl gangraped viciously in Raghunathpur (Hindu Samhati)
Will Israel Attack Iran? (by R Benkin)
What Islam Can Do (by R Benkin - for Fundamentalist Muslims)

US Mideast Influence Plummets Under Obama (by R Benkin)
Indian Muslims Make a New Beginning to Marginalise the Wahhabi Islamists (NewAgeIslam)
Muslim Persecution of Christians: September, 2011 (by R Ibrahim)
Before India can deserve a UNSC seat… (by R Benkin)

Dissident Watch: Maikel Nabil Sanad (by R Witonsky)
Kirk: Cut U.S. funds to Pakistan (by R Pearson)
Fact Sheet: Palestinian Unilateral Declaration of Independence (StandWithUS)
Richard Benkin's Address to 2011 Hindu Dharamjagruti Sabha

Temple Mount Faithful petitions for excavation report (by R Friedman)
How influx of Bangladeshi migrants, terror is interlinked (by R Sarkar, via R Das)
Oppression of Hindus in Bangladesh raised at US Capitol (NewsGram)

When did we lose the moral high ground—and how can we get it back? (by R Benkin)
Another Foreign Policy Disaster and New South Asia Power Dynamics (by R Benkin)
How to wipe out Islamic terror (by S Swami)
Time is on whose side? (by D Ben-Atar)
Whitaker Chambers and Totalitarian Islam (by A Bostom)
Richard Benkin's Speech to 18th Annual TANA Conference, Santa Clara 2011

Flotilla Facts (Stand With Us)
Bangladesh Hindus and Other Ethnic Communities Protest over Fresh Islamization of BD Constitution (by U Brahmachari)
Bangladesh Urged to Make Torture a Crime (by Asian HRC)
India as Solution to Afghan Power Vacuum (by R Benkin)

What's Wrong with Obama's Israel Speech? (by R Benkin)
Another Obama Foreign Policy Disaster (by R Benkin)
India's Changing Role: The Afghanistan Conflict (by H V Pant)
A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: Saving the Bangladeshi Hindus (by R Benkin)

Proclamation of Mt. Prospect for 2011 Days of Remembrance Proclamation
Dr. Benkin's Speech to Village of Mt. Prospect for 2011 Days of Remembrance Proclamation
Israel and the UN (Chicago Tribune)
Temples and Saris unto Mosques and Burquas (by R Benkin)
Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimes (by R Goldstone)

Norit: India's Shame (by R Benkin)
Understanding the third terror war (by C Glick)
Existential Demographic Threat To India’s Secular Identity (by R K OHri)
Pakistan's Jewish Problem (by T Ahmad for MEMRI)
Indian Students Overcoming Anti-Israel Bias (by R Benkin)
Verdict on “Anti-Muslim Riot” Exposes Human Rights Bias (by R Benkin)
What Do They Fear From Peter King? (by R Benkin)
Hindu Samhati Rally in Kolkata
Jihad has come to India (by R Benkin)
Deganga Intifada - Update (by R Benkin)
Displaced Bengali Hindus find US sympathizer (The Sentinel, Assam)
More Assam Coverage

20 Essential Works of Holocaust Literature
Anti-Semitism: The New Necessity for Arab Regimes (by M Zahran)
India-Israel Relations: The Imperative and the Challenge (by R Benkin)
Schoolbooks to concert halls: Israel’s vanishing narrative in British public life (by A White)
Boosting international ties Local rabbi raising money to ship books to India (by A Leibel)
Why Latin America turned (by C Glick)
Our World: The feminist deception (by C Glick)
Absence of Jewish Studies in India (by N Aafreedi)

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