Articles posted in 2012

Bangladesh: Breeding ground for Muslim terror (by B Lintner)
Are we about to reap the whirlwind?" (by R Benkin)
America goes into the darkness (by M Phillips)

How Things Look with Ten Days Left (br R Benkin)
Dr. Richard Benkin's Success in USA (by Z E Natan)
The Obama administration and the diplomatic tsunami (by D Danon)
The Middle East Is Just The Opening Act (by R Benkin)

Middle East just the Opening Act (by R Benkin)

Indian Political Correctness: Assam vs. Gujarat (by A Tripathi with R Benkin)
Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh... and What We Can and Must Do about It (by R Benkin)
Bangladesh Government Linked to Blacklist (Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights)
Hindu Jewish Forum of USA formed: aims at strengthening ties globally (News Bharati)
What Fails Team Anna (by A Tripathi)
Future of Indian Politics (by A Tripathi)

Bangladesh is under the threat of religious fundamentalists again (by S Karmaker)
Beginning of the end to Ethnic Cleansing? (by R Benkin)
Is "Moderate Muslim" an Oxymoron? (by R Benkin)

Why did the U.S. exclude Israel from the new counterterrorism forum? (by J Rogin)
What to Say When You’re Handed Obama-is-Good-for-Israel Talking Points (by B Rubin)

Counting Palestinians (by S Bryen)
Ethnic Cleansing of Bangladesh's Hindus Continues in 2012 (by R Benkin)

Sounds of Silence: The Decay, Paralysis, and Lost Paradise of Ethnicity in Bangladesh (review of A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing from Gautam Buddha University by R Majumdar)
Mt. Prospect, IL 2012 Days of Remembrance Proclamation
Benkin's Speech to Village of Mt. Prospect on 2012 Days of Remembrance
Cattle Smuggling: Discarding Heritage for a few Rupees (by R Benkin)
Red Academics Carry On (by R Benkin)

Quiet Jihad (by R Benkin)
Islamists get a Pass on Ethnic Cleansing (by R Benkin)
Author: Hindus Face Human Rights Abuses in Bangladesh (By N Begum)
Ethnic cleansing in neighbourhood (a review of A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing by BB Kumar in the Sunday Pioneer)
Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians (by M Oren)
Book on ‘Atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh’ presented to CM (DeshGujarat)
A strong case for defence of minorities (IBN Live South)
Ethnic cleansing of Hindus on rise in Bangladesh (The Sunday Standard/Indian Express)
Ethnic cleansing of Bangla Hindus is on (Express News Service)
Create awareness amongst Indian Diaspora about human rights: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Pravasi Today)

‘Culpability on part of Bangladesh govt goes well beyond tacit approval of Hindu ethnic cleansing’ (Pravasi Today Interview with Richard Benkin)
Book on ‘atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh’ presented to CM {DeshGujarat)
Welcome to the University of Victoria, a.k.a. Che Guevara U (by M Ross)
BDS and Academia (by A Romirowsky and J Cohn)

India and Israel 20 Years of Possibilities and Potential (by R Benkin)
UNESCO Declares War on Jewish Hevron (by G Meotti)

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