Artiles posted in 2013

Biswajit...Awami League involved in anti-Hindu murder (by Hindu Existence)
Hindus facing existential attacks in Bangladesh (by R Benkin)

Chicago Suburb Recognizes Persecution of Bangladeshi Hindus (DesiTalk scroll down)
Proclamation by Mount Prospect, IL, recognizing persecution of Bangladeshi Hindus, 1 October 2013
Dr. Benkin's speech on accepting the proclamation; Mt. Prospect, IL, October 1, 2013
Hope for Bangladeshi Hindus from USA (by R Benkin)

Mideast Peace Talks Chance for Peace or Just Talk? (by R Benkin)
Iran and Balochistan (by R Benkin, go to page 196)
Time is Running out for the Bangladeshi Hindus--and for us (by R Benkin)
Ancient Golden Treasure Found at Foot of Temple Mount (Arutz Sheva)
Dig Shows Temple Pilgrims Traveled Hundreds of Miles (Arutz Sheva)
Thank you Narendra Modi (by R Benkin)

Did Jews Abandon the Temple Mount? (by F Loewenberg)
Time is Running Out for Bangladesh’s Hindus—and for us (R Benkin's address to Bharatiya Vichar Manch)
Egypt after Morsi: Joy and Worry (by D Pipes)

Bloody Friday in Turkey (pictures from Turkish freedom fighters)

Daniel Pipes on terrorism, the Middle East and the Islamization of the West (by R Sibley)
The War on West Bengal's Hindus (by R Benkin)
Islam vs. Islamism (by D Pipes)
The Mass Exodus of Christians from the Muslim World (by R Ibrahim)

Palestinians in Gaza Celebrate Boston Marathon Attack (AINA)
Library in Eastern UP with literature on Israel (by A Tripathi)
The Real War in South Asia (by R Benkin)

Narendra Modi through the Eyes of Gujarati Muslims, Christians and… (by M P Kishwar)
Look at ourselves to find Culprits for the Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh (by R Benkin)
Young Hindu Woman Fights off Rapists, Arrested for It (by R Benkin)
Dr. Benkin's Address to Americans for Free Speech, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, March 23, 2013
Government vs. People: Who can keep us safe? (by R Benkin)
Hindus Under Attack (Daily Star of Dhaka)

Narendra Modi and Richard Benkin Discuss BD Hindus
India Rocked by Islamist Terror Attack (by R Benkin)
Richard Benkin addresses the Bangladesh Crime Prevention Society
Hindu Samhati: Struggle is the Only Hope for Hindus (Hindu Janajagruti Samhiti)
Sound Familiar? (by R Benkin)
Dr. Benkin's Address to Hindu Samhati, Kolkata, February 14, 2013
The Evil We Face (by M Freund)
Will India Bow to Censorship by Fatwa? (by R Benkin)
The Left Demonizes India's Modi while his Popularity Soars (by R Benkin)
Indians Ready to Nominate Left’s Favorite Whipping Boy (by R Benkin)
Egypt, 2012: The Year In Fatwas (by R Ibrahim)

Bangladesh’s Hindus are dying. Are we okay with letting it happen? (by R Benkin)
Israel and the Palestinians (by S J Rosen)

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