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21 Feb 2012 04:14:38 AM IST

'Ethnic cleansing of Bangla Hindus is on' 

TIRUPATI: US-based human rights activist Richard Benkin, who has been tirelessly fighting for the cause of Bangladeshi Hindus, urged all humans across the globe to 'recognise' the silent ethnic cleansing of Hindus going on unchecked in Bangladesh and raise their voice against atrocities on the Hindus there.
Speaking on 'Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh' jointly organised by Madabhushi Institute of Public Affairs (MAIPA) and Bhavan’s Kendra, here on Monday, Benkin expressed deep anguish over international community, human rights organisations, people and government of India keeping quiet on the ordeal of Hindus in Bangladesh, which he said was emboldening radical Islamic elements.  
These elements continued their crimes against Hindus terrorised them forced them to flee from the country.
Stating that Hindus who were one third of East Pakistan's population, at time of partition of India in 1947 had dwindled to nine percent in 1971 when Bangaldesh was created and further down to 7 percent now.  He stressed on exposing Bangladesh government's complicity abetting crimes against Hindus, forcing them flee the country or covert to Islam.
Citing that Jews in United States in one voice had raised alarm on  atrocities on Jews in Communist Russia in 1971, he wanted firstly the citizens of India to be made fully aware of silent ethnic cleansing of hindus in Bangladesh, raise their voice louder and louder, start a movement here to build up a strong public opinion to halt what he called "government tolerated murder, rape, abduction and forced conversion of Hindus to Islam in Bangladesh.
Later answering a question, he said that the UNO could do anything to save the hindus and added that it is the Indian government which has to act fast to stop atrocities on Hindus.
In this connection, he said that Australian government had promptly acted on attacks against Indian students, there, which saw attacks come down and accused Bangladesh government of totally supporting radical elements to continue their crimes against Hindus.
On the occasion, MAIPA chairman and former speaker, Agarala Eswara Reddy spoke and released the book 'English Blues' brought out by The New Indian Express.

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