Bangladesh's VESTED PROPERTY ACT, enacted in 1974, is a blatant form of ethnic cleansing. It is a re-drawn version of Pakistan's ENEMY PROPERTY ACT. Established in 1965, that act was intended explicitly as retaliation against Hindus for Pakistan's defeat that year in its war with India. It has successfully rid Pakistan of all but a tiny number of Hindus who continue to face anti-Hindu pressure. Imagine if your country had a law that allowed it to seize the land and property of anyone not a member of the majority religion; and then simply distribute it to members of the majority religion as so much graft. I'm sure you can't, but that is Bangladesh's Vested Property Act. Bangladeshi Islamists and others in the government continue using this law to further brutalize and oust or kill religious minorities. There will be more about at this site. Where are the so-called defenders of human rights, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch? Together, they can boast of doing nothing besides issuing periodic statements that have no force.

The web site Drishtipat, which calls itself the "voice for human rights in Bangladesh," has reproduced the text of the Vested Property Act in its entirety. Click here to read it. The site contains other articles of interest about this. is also collecting articles about this ethnic cleansing.

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