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Thursday, 15 November 2012

The 2012 election results convinced me that we—Conservatives—are in the minority, at least among those who voted this year.  It did not, however, convince me that Big Brother socialism and more government will solve our problems at home; and it did not convince me that US weakness and pandering to our enemies will solve our problems abroad.  While, like so many of us, I went into a bit of a shell after the vote and avoided politics and partisanship; events are unfolding too fast and too deadly to let us pretend that they have nothing to do with what happened on Tuesday, November 6.

While an estimated 69 percent of American Jews voted for President Barack Obama, only 14 percent of Americans in Israel did, according to at least one poll that closely mirrors most estimates. My Israeli sources and several published comments made it clear that after Obama’s re-election, Israelis understood that they could no longer consider the United States the reliable ally it once was. Not much more than a week later, the Middle East is in flames and the fire is expected to get worse.

The chattering class will say it happened because Israel took out Hamas’s top military commander, Ahmed al- Jabari; but that came only after the terror group caused thousands of rockets to rain down on Southern Israeli, endangering millions of civilians. Israel is not the cause, we are; specifically, our actions on Election Day emboldened our enemies. Nothing changed on the ground. There was no expansion of Jewish communities, disparagingly called “settlements” by our enemies and those whom Lenin would call “useful idiots.” There was no breakdown of peace talks. Prior to Israel’s defensive, surgical strike in Gaza, there was no Israeli military action. The only change came in the form of a green light from American voters.

Yesterday, terrorist rockets killed a young Israeli couple and a third person. The same cast of Obama, Clinton, and the lot who have been “outraged” and “livid” when Israelis decide to build homes have been reserved or silent. This is the same crew that waxed on mercilessly about how angry a YouTube video made them because it insulted Islam. But over the murder of innocent Israelis, they are content to let the UN take the lead knowing the likely outcome.

What signal does that send our enemies—and we are not even at the start of Obama’s second term? What signal does that send our friends?

Those whose bent is to blame the Israelis for events like these, truth be damned, should turn their attention to another part of the world: Bangladesh. For years, I have been railing against the rise of radical Islam in a country that people still love to call moderate. For years, I have been documenting the government’s involvement in oppressing Hindus and other non-Muslims. For years, I have been writing about how a weak United States is causing people on the fence there to opt for the Islamists. For years, I have warned that a strong United States is the only possible break on those atrocities and on Bangladesh threatening to become a base for anti-India jihad.

Salam Azad is an author out on bail after this “moderate Muslim country” charged him with blasphemy for a book he wrote years ago in India. I have been working with him and periodically check on his well-being. Eight days after Obama’s re-election, he said in response: “If democracy will survive in Bangladesh, I and my family should almost [be] save[d]. But past few days Muslim fundamentalist and their partners hits on police and common people. Many police man and common people wounded by them. I don't know the future of my country. Without democratic Institution people could not survive here. Especially minorities, secular and democracy lover people are not surviving.”

That’s not Israel’s fault; and it’s not Bush’s fault. It is our own.

Posted on 11/15/2012 8:07 AM by Richard L. Benkin
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