Antisemitism: Betrayer of History, Betrayer of Truth
Why Interfaith Dialogue
Foreign Radicals Threaten Interfaith Peace in Azerbaijan
Arab Intellectual on the Worsening Situation of Christians in the Muslim World
More Asian Muslims Build Ties with Israel; Malaysia Demurs
Muslims and Jews: Common Ground
The Muslim Brotherhood "Project"
Riots in Tehran Universities: "We Don't Want Nuclear Energy"
BMLA Supports Establishment of Relations with Israel
BMLA Lauds Israeli gesture
Catholics in New Outreach To the Jewish Community
Democracy should seal Delhi-Dhaka deal
Al Qeida's War on Islam
Pipeline to Peril
Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism
The Lost Jews
Kuwaiti Amir Reneges on Iranian Intel Deal
Haifa's Jews and Arabs brave the storm together
"Sudden Jihad Syndrome" in Seattle
To Be a Shiite Now ….
Teach Your Children Well
IEA Meets Even During Recent War
Blitz Editorial on 9/11
Somali Journalist Warns about Islamist Designs
On Yom Kippur, man prays as friend's life in balance
Exercising the Non-Military Option1: Today's Challenge Requires New Understandings
Exercising the Non-Military Option2: Target Europe!
The American Press Should Count Its Blessings
How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam
Islam surely does not forbid friendship between Muslims and non-Muslims”
When I Think of Sacrifice
Why They Deny the Holocaust
Muslims Mark Solidarity With Jews
Efforts towards a genuine interfaith dialogue
The Last King of Java
Kindergarten madarassa: Breeding ground for jihadist
Richard L. Benkin's Tribute to Tashbih Sayyed
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury's Tribute to Tashbih Sayyed
Yehudit Barsky's Tribute to Tashbih Sayyed
Islamists Ruining Islam
Making Room for Moderates
Knowing the Arabs
Rise of Radical Islam Causes Problems
A Moral Muslim Resistance
The Nasty Saudi Face
Building a Unified Resistance
Nine-Point Guide to Discern Islamist from Non-Islamist Schools
Musharaff's Respect for Press Freedom
Jihad: A Lost Cause
Where is the Muslim Outrage?
Reach out to Israel
The New Muslim Anti-Semitism
The Three Religions in Peace and Brotherhood
Jews in Germany, 2008
The Hidden Face of Political Islamism
An Indian Jewish POW in Pakistan
Don't Confuse Interfaith Dialogue with Groveling
The Deoandi Fatwa against Terrorism didn't treat the Jihadi Root
Muslim Fundamentalist Defends Israel and the United States
Saudis Call for Interfaith Dialogue Hypocritical
An Historical Moment for Islam
Fundamentalist Muslim wants Bangladeshi Government to end its ban on travel to Israel
Huji leaders float party with govt nod
French Muslims Find Haven in Catholic Schools
The HUJI Controversy
Yom Kippur (sent by request to Hindus)
[And by request to religious Muslims]
A Hindu Saint whose Heart Beats for Israel
Why an American Jew Supports the Islamic Democratic Party
Muslims, Christians, and Jews Minus Islamism in Germany
'Lost tribe of Israel' coming 'home'
Abraham Didn't Exist? Moses a Myth?
Daniel Pearl and the Normalization of Evil
Are my Sources Better than CNN's?
Radical Islam is not religion: Benkin
Growing Islamism in Pakistan
"Moderate" Muslims versus American-Muslims
Two ancient religions behave like old friends
Bedouin Sheikh defies Threats to Support Shalit
Ideological passion sells us short
Autocracy and the Decline of the Arabs
The blood libel that won't die
Benkin on Indian radio re Holocaust Denial
Egyptians: Coins from Era of Biblical Joseph Found in Egypt
Gene travel: To Malihabad via Israel?
Israel and the Flotilla: On the Dangers of a Binary View
Does Obama care about Religious Freedom?
Europe's Jewish Problem
An Appreciable Act by a Non-Hindu working for the cause of Hindus
Sikh Woman Fights for Afghan Women’s Rights
Letter from a Forgotten Jew
The War against the Jews
Absence of Jewish Studies in India
Boosting international ties Local rabbi raising money to ship books to India
Anti-Semitism: The New Necessity for Arab Regimes
Pakistan's Jewish Problem
Dissident Watch: Maikel Nabil Sanad
Muslim Persecution of Christians: September, 2011
Indian Muslims Make a New Beginning to Marginalise the Wahhabi Islamists
What Islam Can Do
Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2011
Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians
Is "Moderate Muslim" an Oxymoron?
Hindu Jewish Forum of USA formed: aims at strengthening ties globally
America goes into the darkness
Egypt, 2012: The Year In Fatwas
Palestinians in Gaza Celebrate Boston Marathon Attack
The Mass Exodus of Christians from the Muslim World
Islam vs. Islamism
Daniel Pipes on terrorism, the Middle East and the Islamization of the West
Bloody Friday in Turkey
Egypt after Morsi: Joy and Worry
Iran and Balochistan
Muslims Turn away from Islamism
The Strategic Implications of Iran's STD Epidemic
Nations Must Repeal Blasphemy Laws
Re-constructing the role of Mandir critical for Hinduism in US: Dr. Richard Benkin
Exploring the power of ‘Hineinei’ within Hindu-Jewish relations
World ignores Balochistan occupation
Hindu persecution in East and West Bengal: A Failure of Hindu Leadership
ISIS has set up shop in India
East Meets West in the Land of Ignorance
Leaders in Pakistan and Bangladesh allow religious radicalization to take place on their soil- Dr Richard Benkin
Richard Benkin's interview on MyInd
The unseen war: The Islamist assault on dissidents
Crossings ban won’t affect Afghanistan economically
Why the U.S. should pay attention to Balochistan
Pakistanis try to Silence Pro-US, Pro-Israel Voice
One single pro-US, pro-Israel Pakistani stands up against his countrymen
Remembering the Danes’ Heroic Holocaust Actions
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