Since 2003, I have been fighting Islamist terror in South Asia. In that year, the Bangladeshi government arrested a journalist for daring to expose the rise of Islamist radicals in that country and urge relations with Israel. In return he was arrested, held incommunicado, and tortured. The Bangladeshi government did this because it counted on the silence of the rest of the world. But we refused to be silent and fought until Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury was free.

Eventually, I turned my attention to the Islamists' ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus, a genocide waiting to happen and one the world would otherwise ignore until the bodies were stacked too high for it to ignore. But we are making progess everyday, informing people and politicians about this human rights tragedy and how it poses a threat to the entire world.

But our efforts have not been cheap. They involve regular trips to Washington and elsewhere to drum up support in the United States. I have also been to Bangladesh to stand with my oppressed brother in arms. And I have toured the refugee camps in West Bengal for the Bangladeshi Hindus. I have traveled elsewhere in India fighting Islamists and encouraging Hindus and other freedom fighters, as well, and expect to return in 2009.

Thus far, all of these efforts have been carried out without outside funding, and I am asking all people who know of my work and my commitment to see this through until our enemies are defeated to please, please help by donating whatever you can and encouraging others to do the same.

Your donation of whatever size will be saving the lives of innocents who the world would otherwise let die.

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