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Date: May 31st 2008

From: amitabh tripathi tripathi_amitabh11@yahoo.co.in Date: Fri, 30 May 2008

In last one and half a decade, the world has changed a lot. On one hand flow of information has brought people together from various nationalities, races, and languages. On the other hand due to this globalization some ideologies have also become global. One of these ideologies is Islamism. It has been described in various ways and its adherence to terrorism to achieve its political goal has put civilized world before a grave and immediate threat. Being an Indian terrorism was no more than law& order problem and an abetment of insurgency by our neighbor country <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Pakistan. No one was ready to buy the argument of its global reach and ideology or political goal behind it. Few groups who were apprehensive of terrorism in J&K as a part of Islamism were termed as frenzies with their vested interest to vitiate communal atmosphere with their pre partition syndrome.

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All these arguments and assessment went wrong when 9\11 happen and world exposed to a new threat. But was it a really new threat which emerged suddenly and trend of this happening never came under scanner? If we jump to this conclusion it would be naïve. Various scholars and academicians were aware of this new growing trend and trying their best to make aware people of this menace but most of them were dismissed as Islam phobic. After 9\11 when threat was so visible and incidents were on rampant efforts were initiated to analyze the cause and motive behind these ghastly acts. Now the situation has come to such extent that every government is forced to reshape its internal and external policies in background of Islamist

When we talk of Islamist terrorism and ideology we have not to scratch our head for long to find out those figures to whom we can claim as an authority on this subject. I have two names well known figures in America and one of them is renounced figure of this subject across the world and that name is Dr Daniel Pipes. Other name which is not known to the world at this juncture
but very soon going to become familiar name in South Asia is Dr Richard Benkin.

Dr Daniel Pipes and Dr Benkin have few similarities in them.. Both are American citizen and Jew from their faith as well as Zionist and don€™t hesitate to be called conservative. Dr Daniel Pipes could be called an intellectual warrior without any hesitation and same is true with Dr Richard Benkin. I have one chance to meet both of them.

In January this year when one leading Hindi newspaper named Dainik Jagran organized a conclave on Asian subjects and invited Dr Daniel Pipes in that talk it was like a dream come true. It was a funny story also that I came to know about his programme in India. One of my friends told me about his programme seeing the advertisement on that very Hindu newspaper which was organizing the conclave. Before meeting him I was in touch with him through electronic correspondence and trying to assess myself how right I was in reading him through his writings.

We had two meetings for at least two hours and chat on various ontemporary subjects. I am repeatedly calling him warrior because he is so clear in his perception and express him frankly to give next generation freedom and free world. Dr Pipes described how Islamism, communism and Fascism are a big threat to civilized world. His definition of Islamism gives a hope to take on this problem. According to Dr Pipes Islam as a faith is not an enemy and it is Islamism which is enemy. He described this Islamism as an ideology which gets inspiration from communism and Fascism of 20th century and use Islam faith as a tool to achieve its totalitarian goal. He very frankly talks of his theory that radical Islam is problem and moderate Islam is solution.
In America there are several takers of this theory.

Dr Pipes proved my objective that he is an intellectual warrior because he was the person who was writing and warning US from 80€™s against growing tendency of Islamism. Being a big reader of Dr Pipes I was surprised to know how much clarity he has in his thought that in his few articles he has given example of ambitions of some Mujaheedeens fighting with America in Afghanistan against USSR to destroy America also after Russia to pave the way for Islamisation of America. He is the only
person who has sensed Islamist movement very early and I will say because of his scholarly acumen America was able to handle the situation after 9\11 to some extent in such a manner that other countries did not.

Often people come to his most visited site and some of them made allegations against him of being Islam phobe but if you meet
him not from any stretch of imagination he will appear as Islam phobe. He is very logical and rationalist person with deep insight and analytical power. Some other qualities which make him different from others are his commitment to truth. In last year of president ship of George W Bush he did not hesitate to criticize him for some of his failures of policies at implementation level. If one would say that Dr Pipes has emerged as a necessity among intellectuals across the world then it is no hyperbole.

Other intellectual warrior who has emerged from the soil of America is Dr Richard Benkin . I was first introduced to Dr
Richard by Dr Daniel Pipes when he referred my name to him and I responded him with an email. I was little bit surprised and
amused to get back the reply from Dr Richard calling me as brother. In the meantime I had a chance to go to his website InterfaithStrength.com. Visiting that site I came to know of his fight for his friend Salahudin Shoaib Choudhary. His
fight for Salahuddin proves him a warrior who is slightly different from Dr Daniel Pipes because of his activist nature. We could
call him intellectual activist warrior. Like Dr Daniel Pipes I also got chance to meet Dr Richard Benkin and it was much more
time than I spend with Dr Pipes. I got this chance when Dr Richard visited India to know the status of Bangladeshi Hindus in
West Bengal. Being a Hindu I was little hesitant also to know that he has come from America to fight for the cause of
Bangladeshi Hindus and I am unable to do any help for them even living in India. Dr Richard is very energetic, enthusiastic and
youthful person. He has sharp learning capacity and zeal to learn. In his visit to India he showed lot of energy. Accompanying
him for three days it was very easy for me to assess his fighting instinct. He is a true warrior who is committed for human rights.
Some times back he was professor in Human psychology and her wife also works for disable children. I still have in my
memory one story which Dr Richard told me that how he told her daughter not to beat anybody only because you are in anger.
His fight against extremism revolves around this theory that you are not justified to harm anybody only because you are angry.
He has seen how his mother, wife and daughter had a narrow escape in a suicide bombing in a restaurant. According to Dr
Richard this incident compelled him to think about the psyche of suicide bombers and ideology which enjoy the human
causality and how these people could not be our friends. They are enemies and we should deal with them in that manner. His
thought is not confined to only debate and lectures he is ready to fight for the cause of oppressed and repressed. His resolve to
fight against all odds makes him warrior.

As earlier it has been said Dr Daniel Pipes and Dr Richard Benkin has something common in both of them. The most common thing for them is their faith and legacy. They belong to that legacy which fought ceaselessly for thousand of years for their promised land and finally got their nation but unfortunately the whole Islamist ideology and Islamist terrorism has propagated the birth right of Jews as pivotal to resurgence of Islamist movement. In history of mankind no community has been persecuted
to such extent as Jews( It has only parallel of Hindus who were murdered, slaughtered and butchered in 800 years of Islamic rule) but it is their chivalry and gallantry which survives them. It is not a coincidence that again two Jewish intellectual warriors has come out openly to fight against Islamist terrorism.

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