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Have we learned anything?

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Dr. Richard L. Benkin

It has been a year since the Maqsood Alshams scandal, which forced the cancellation of an anti-Israel conference that was to have been held in the New South Wales Parliament House.  It was a victory over the Israel-hating forces in Australia and one that many of us hoped would provide a template for future actions worldwide.  Unfortunately, we did not use our experience to fight on elsewhere; our foes, on the other hand, might have learned from their bloodied noses.

Alshams had become a darling of the Australian left and, like them, packaged his vitriol in human rights terms.  The conference he convened would “debate” the question of charging Israel with war crimes for its actions in Gaza during Operation Defensive Shield; though a look at the participants and their sentiments makes it clear that the results of this “debate” were pre-determined.  So having been fawned over by Australian academics and buoyed by the fact that he was holding his anti-Israel hate-fest in a government building, Alshams pressed his perceived advantage; but his hubris proved to be his own undoing.  I received one of Alshams’ anti-Israel emails about the conference, which also called for international intervention to save the poor, poor people of Gaza.  Normally, I do not respond to emails like that.  What’s the point, as the authors refuse to entertain anything that conflicts with their own worldview; especially when it comes to Israel.

This one was different, however.  First, it came from Australia, and Australians should know of the high regard in which most Americans hold them for their honesty, courage, and forthrightness.  Beyond that, the propaganda war over Israel is essentially lost in Western Europe and only in its early stages in the United States; but it is full-blown Down Under.  Second, this email was not sent to seemingly countless and random addresses, but targeted to a smaller audience, including media.  And third, Alshams cloaked his entire screed in disingenuous human rights terms; which as a real human rights activist I find insulting.  But far more important than that, the

From the left: Maqsood Alshams, Professor Kevin Dunn, Redfern Legal Centre executive officer Helen Campbell, Professor Andrew Jakubowicz and Edmund Rice Centre director Phil Glendenning

use of faux human rights language is a key element of the propaganda war against Israel and the Islamist war against civilization itself.

So, I replied, “Why didn´t these same people cry for ´international intervention´ when the Palestinians--and Hamas in particular--thanked Israel for leaving Gaza by making it a terrorist base to lob missiles onto civilian populations in Southern Israel  Where were these same people when Israeli civilians were facing constant rocket attack from Hamas and its allies?”

And so did Alshams, “The simple answer is that you the Jews are real motherf****….you guys are simply assholes….Jews like you are the dirty scums.”

I noticed that he did not “reply to all,” and felt that such passion should be shared with the entire group; which I did.  Significantly, Alshams later tried to defend his remarks by saying his was “intoxicated and angry”; but his actions in sending them to me alone reveal that he knew exactly what he was doing.  (He also phoned me later and repeated them.)  He and his ilk try to fashion their positions exclusively in compassionate terms, avoiding their anti-Jewish motives.  This would have blown their cover.  Even the most elementary—honest—reading of history exposes their anti-Jewish vitriol as far more salient than any pro-Palestinian sentiments.  (How much sense does their demand to pre-1967 conditions make?  Does anyone remember there being peace before 1967?)  So after concerted effort with several Australians got the Sydney Morning Herald to pick up the story, the participants were forced to dissociate themselves from Alshams and his bigotry.  The conference was cancelled.

Following our success, I suggested to several Jewish groups that we use our experience as a model for further actions going forward.  Almost all of the anti-Israel rhetoric in academia, at human rights forums, and in public debate uses the language of human rights to intimidate those who might suggest that there is merit to a pro-Israel point of view; and they have been very successful in that.  They also have been proactive in denying any sort of anti-Semitic motives, even accusing their opponents of throwing out that label to any who criticize Israel.  Of course, we know that claim is equally disingenuous, since we are far more likely to hear accusations of Islamophobia hurled at anyone who is openly pro-Israel.  But, again, it has worked to summarily dismiss any suggestions that anti-Semitic motives underlie their positions.

What happened with the Alshams scandal was that we were able to expose those motives with the opposition’s own words.  As a result, the panoply of fellow travelers who identify themselves as nothing but uber compassionate—academics, self-styled human rights advocates, and leftists—had no choice but to dissociate themselves from the unmasked hatred of their erstwhile allies.  For all their bluster, harsh language, and fist shaking, that complex of individuals will turn tail and run if it appears they too might be painted as fellow bigots or condemned with their buddies’ own hateful words.  To be sure, in this case, Alshams might have handed us the tools of his own unmasking.  Nonetheless, conference backers at first tried to dissociate themselves while still contending that the conference itself was worthy.  It therefore took continued efforts to prevent them from slithering out of their own maze of contradictions.  Moreover, since anti-Semitism really is the fuel that drives the anti-Israel engine, similar evidence is available for the taking in other situations.  All it takes is commitment and a little bit of organized and concerted effort.

While we have not learned from that experience, our enemies apparently have, enlisting characters they believe are immune to charges of anti-Semitism.  Thus, they have organized the Washington group, J-Street, which embraces every anti-Israel position, warmly welcomes every “respectable” Israel hater, yet calls itself “pro-Israel.”  A recent J-Street event, openly intended to spread its message to more Jewish college students, is being hosted by the Jewish students’ association, Hillel, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  In addition to being a highly thought of Ivy League school, Penn also boasts of sizeable Jewish population.  When Aaron Klein broke the story, he identified the most passionate anti-Israel speakers who had names like Alpert (she compared Israel’s actions in Gaza to genocide in Darfur), Ratzman (who has accused Israel of ethnic cleansing), and Waskow (who has strongly defended the discredited Goldstone report that accuses Israel of war crimes).  Speaking of that terribly biased report, legal scholar Alan Dershowitz called Richard Goldstone, “a traitor using his Jewishness to malign Israel.”

Still, there is a wide berth between open Jew haters like Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and this rogue’s gallery of anti-Israel Jews; and their truly anti-Jewish motives are available to us.  All we need to do is use them and do so relentlessly to achieve the same results we did last year in Sydney.


Dr. Richard L. Benkin is an American human rights activist.  In 2005, he freed pro-Israel Muslim, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury from imprisonment and torture in Bangladesh, who continues to publish pro-Israel news and opinion from inside the Muslim world.  In addition to continuing to help keep Choudhury free, Benkin currently is fighting to stop the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh by Islamists and their allies.

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Neil Waldron
Neil Waldron: ...
Surely someone with a researching background can design a data base which lists the people and their anti-semetic retoic, hopefully someone will happen upon a link between many of them and some terrorist groups, thereby having an arsanal on hand to shoot them down every time they stick their heads above their rat holes.

Perhaps even making like a family tree which traces their backers all the way back to some nasty piece of work. fight fire with fire.

February 11, 2010
Cassandra: ...

It's extremely disturbing that the NSW Parliament was going to be used by a group that wanted to subvert democracy and deligitimize another democratic country. One wonders who was funding this endeavour, because there is no doubt about it, there is lots of Arab and other Islamic money swirling about and many greedy and self-serving people who, under the guise of human rights (a misnomer if ever there was one!) are eager to get their snouts in the trough.

Sadly, many of the Jewish groups in Australia, though well-intentioned, don't want to rock the boat, and seem to have an inordinate fear of being seen as Islamophobic. Hence their weak response if it suggested they take any action at all.

The phenomenon of self-hating Jews is very puzzling on first glance, as why would any group of people seek to act against their own interests?
There have been many explanations put forward, but whatever the reason, they are not only hastening the demise of their fellow Jews, but they also will not be spared.

There has been wonderful work done in exposing these faux human rights organisations and their links by NGO Monitor. Their website is and is well wroth exploring.

Sadly, it seems all the major NGOs have become politicised and have strayed so far from their original briefs that they have become agents for evil.

February 12, 2010
Truth Detector: No Islamophobe Here
How can anyone have a phobia of Islam when everyone can see the authentic violence and cruelty committed by Muslims all over the world? People, who live in backward Muslim Third World Countries, have an authentic fear of real Muslim suicide bombers, actual Muslim murderers wantonly killing the innocent, and real Muslim males wantonly raping women. Fear of actual committed atrocities by Islamists do not stem from phobias. Fear of Islam stems from Islam that is truly cruel.


February 12, 2010
Neil Waldron
Neil Waldron: ...

Thanks for that link, I went and had a look. Sad that all of the ngo's had a blast trying to tear down Israel and remained completely silent on hamas and hezbolla.

I really wonder if they are being paid off with oil money from the middle east or are they just scared crappless that their offices will recieve a bomb in the lobby.

Being a Christian who believes in the prophecies in the book of revelations, none of this actually suprises me in the least. Those who are prepared to stand up and yell the truth are going to be very few in number, while the majority are going to be running scared. The more I look the more I feel that the second comming, armaggedeon, judgement day, call it what you will, is going to be in many of our lifetimes.

As for me, as little as I can do in my current circumstance, shall preach in whatever method I can get hold of, that Israel MUST stand, MUST be protected at all costs. If this makes me an islamophob, I gladly take up the mantle and claim loudly and proudly "I am a happy infidel and a crusader for Israel".

Fortunatly we have techknowlogy on our side, we also have the terroist islamic groups being their own worst enemies. There is begining to be a ground swell of people who have had a gut full and soon enough islam will find they can no longer shout down their critics, govts the world over will begin to realise that islam in the west has a small voice. and when the polititions realise they gain more votes by being pro israel, pro west, and anti mohummadian, they will change. after all, votes is what they hear, when they face loosing their little pensions (which aint so little) and their seats they will switch camps so fast the islamisists heads will spin.

February 12, 2010
Hugo White: ...

Neil Waldron
People don't seem to give a toss about facts. Everything is propaganda and a few seconds of TV time is much easier to take in than reading articles with facts in them.

But they can see the evidence of their own eyes and most don't like what Islam is doing when Muslims move into their neighbourhood.

Money and power, the great incentives for corruption of our system.

Truth Detector,

Real violence, real cruelty.
Maybe we should call it Islamofact or IslamophobiaNOT.

Neil Waldron
As I said before, money and power. And of course I forgot the third ingredient - FEAR.

Neil, you ARE doing something, a lot more than most. You are helping to raise awareness. We can all be activists in our own way. Keep it up mate.

I wear the title of Islamophobe as a badge of honor. Like you, "I am a happy infidel and a crusader for Israel".

As for pollies, once there is a groundswell against Islam, they will change sides. Most of them are in it for money and power, and will go where they can get most of this.


February 12, 2010
Geoff Dickson
Geoff Dickson: ...
Slightly off-topic.
Does anyone know of a useful site that consolidates up and coming events involving Islam?
Things like seminars, information lectures etc. Or do we have to trawl through a number of websites to gain this? We try to visit the local state Islamic site and read the local University sites but this can be time consuming.

We need to show up in numbers if we are going to counter the PC nonsense about Islam.
(I want to wear my ISLAMIC is SATANIC tee-shirt!)

February 12, 2010
Gary Rumain
Gary Rumain: ...
I want to wear my ISLAMIC is SATANIC tee-shirt!

Make sure you're wearing a kevlar vest under it.

February 12, 2010
Shirl in Oz
Shirl in Oz: ...
Geoff this may be what you are looking for, but the site is down for maintenance

A Site dedicated to Islamic Lectures and Events around Australia.

Being Jewish, it warms my heart to come here and see the support for Israel, because I am so very hurt at what is being done to tear her down.

I hear so much mis-information that it sickens me. I have friends and family in eretz Yisroel ( the land of Israel) and I hear such totally different stories from them, than I read and hear in our media outlets.

A friend recently returned from Israel. She stayed with a cousin in Jerusalem. One evening he had his Arab foremen and his wife to dinner. Fortunately my friend speaks Arabic, having grown up in Egypt and so was able to converse with him. Her family were amongst the thousands thrown out of Egypt.

He could not stress strongly enough what a proud Israeli Arab he was. He said that Israel is the best country in the world. He has the best medical treatment, his children had a very good education and are now at university.

He said that he was sick to death of the go-gooders that visit Gaza and are fed falsehoods, which they announce to the world. People are shown areas that are deliberately left in ruins, in order to get the attention they desire. He said that life is not that bad in Gaza and if the powers that be, stopped defrauding their own people, life would be very different.

February 12, 2010
Shirl in Oz
Shirl in Oz: ...
This is worth reading

Pilar Rahola is a Spanish politician, journalist and activist. She is a passionate defender of the United States and Israel and an indefatigable fighter against anti-Semitism. All these despite being ideologically from the left. Her articles are published in Spain and throughout some of the most important newspapers in Latin America. She is the recipient of major awards by Jewish organizations.

February 12, 2010
Neil Waldron
Neil Waldron: happy valentines day
As the 14th of Feb approaches, some will prepare like me to make their wife feel special, by reminding her of everything that she means to me, everything she brings to my life, all the ways she makes every day worth getting up for. Some will prepare to while away the day lamenting lost love or at worst lack of finding that someone special.

In sadia arabia and other islamic countries, the religeous police are hunting down anyone who even thinks about that evil valentines day, because if your thinking about love, life, beauty, where will they get their suicide bombers from? Jeff Dunham's travel case perhaps, I refer of course to "Achmed the dead terrorist" the ventriloquist dummy.

If they are so evil that a day of showing someone love is abhorant to them, what hope has anything that looks like peace have.

Let us all remind the islamic countries of the greatest power in the universe by sending their ambasador a valentines day email, I did, and I figure even if he wont read it it still has got through, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY written in the subject line, either him or his secretary will see the email title and at least be given a heart felt greeting they cant ignore.

February 12, 2010
hatred has no logical base. this islamic agression is not something that is possible to be explained.

February 13, 2010
chaia@israel: israel
i think this conflict has very old roots, since the muslim spian... hatred has no explenation, islamic agression is not something civil world can understand

February 13, 2010
Wendy Larkson
Wendy Larkson: ...
I am amazed that the rabid anti-Israel mob were found objectionable at all. I am heartenend that there is still in the public perception ' a line' one must not cross. Long may that perception continue.

And let us not forget the Arabs for Israel site of Nonie Darwish

February 13, 2010
Cassandra: ...
Truth Detector,
"How can anyone have a phobia of Islam when everyone can see the authentic violence and cruelty committed by Muslims all over the world? "
Answer: they can't. The term was invented by an Islamist group to deflect attention away from the real barbarity of Islam and intimidate any who attempted to expose the truth. I think it was Daniel Pipes who wrote about this - I'll try and find the link.

Neil Waldron
There are virtually no honourable NGOs. As you say, they are no doubt either paid off or intimidated by Islam. Or both.

"I am a happy infidel and a crusader for Israel". Good on you Neil.
Maybe we ought to print a T shirt with this slogan, accompanied by an appropriate logo.

I too believe there is beginning to be a ground swell of people who have had a gut full and pollies will have to hear their voices or risk losing office.
But sadly, many people agree, but are silent. We must encourage them to speak up.

Hugo White: ...

You are right: We can all be activists in our own way.
And encourage others around us to find out more and then become activists as well.

Geoff Dickson,

Maybe we need someone to start printing these T shirts.
ISLAMIC is SATANIC certainly does it for me. Catchy slogan, short and to the point.

Shirl in Oz

It certainly is great to come to a website that gets it.

Israel is in the eye of the jihadi storm and anyone who is prepared to read some background information rather than listening to the endless media propaganda will realise this. A great book on this is Caroline Glick "Shackled Warrior."

Our media have long ago been corrupted - Islamic money and threats are a potent mix. Al the accusations against Israel - that it is a racist, apartheid state etc - are completely false, but do apply to all Islamic countries.
Try being a Jew in Saudi Arabia, or a Christian or Bahai (the only Bahai temple in the Middle East is, guess where?) Very little is known about the once-thriving Jewish and Christian communities all over the Middle East.
Why have they virtually disappeared? Just look at the parlous state of Christian Copts in Egypt, and the Jewish community were expelled and their property confiscated. Yet the "human rights" lobby are silent about the truth, preferring to spread the falsehoods about Israel.

Many Arabs realise that they are much better off in Israel and have all the rights and benefits, but don't dare articulate this, as Islam forbids freedom of speech. Arabs who are seen to support Israel are often tortured and killed as collaborators.

I came across Pilar Rahola recently. She is fantastic, even more so given her left-wing background. Not that I like to classify things as left or right, because it is completely inaccurate, but at present it is the left that has adopted the Islamist agenda.

Neil Waldron,
Remember, there is no fun in Islam, so anything that lifts up the spirit must be viciously crushed.


You are right, hatred is illogical and based on blind prejudice. Islamists hate Israel because they are brainwashed into thinking it is an evil country. Their unholy books teach that all Jews must be killed, and Israel is the home of the Jews.

It is easy to understand Islamic hatred if people take the trouble to read the qur'an and hadiths, because the hatred and antipathy to infidels (especially Jews) stems directly from that.

What people fail to realise is that Islam hates us not because of what we DO, but because of what we ARE - infidels. Yet they've managed to persuade the world that terrorism is the result of them being victimised and alienated by our colonialism, racism and oppression.

And sadly, much of the world, especially the elite media and academia, have swallowed this lie.

Wendy Larkson
I love Nonie Darwish. Her book "Cruel and Usual Punishment" taught me a lot.


February 14, 2010
Hugo White: ...
We support Israel because we have the moral clarity to see what is happening over there. Israel is being unfairly demonised.

In fact, all Western democracies are being demonised, often by those living in free countries who abuse their freedoms to denigrate the democracies which enable them to express their thoughts freely.

Hard to understand the mindset of such people.

February 14, 2010
Circe: ...
Funny that Israel's genocide against others has led to Muslims living freely and safely in Israel with the best of medical and other care provided and open access to universities etc (no Jews live safely in the Islamic world!); funny that the Christian population of Israel is rising while that in the Islamic world is falling thanks to the murder, violence, persecution and discrimination against Christians in the Islamic world; funny that the only Bahai temple is in Israel but Muslims kill Bahai....and the list goes on. Don't mention Palestian violence, rape, honour killing, hate preaching...

February 14, 2010

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Obviously traveling to the nearest Macdonald's at Roxburgh Park and Brunswick East, which are already  Halal certified, creates to much hardship for the underprivilleged Muslim community.

The Islamist behind this “initiative” is Mr Amin Assafiri, who doesn't worry at all that the idea of  pushing halal beef down our  throats  might be offensive.

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Muslims feel stereotyped

Abe Ata

The Australian brings us 'new” evidence that Muslims are not treated fairly in Australia.
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To make the point absolutely clear (I assume) the paper provided a photo of two, tent-wearing  Muslim lasses in front of a shabby dwelling, presumably  their home. 

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Mr Saemin

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Malaysian officials have called on the NSW police to ensure the bashing death of a Malaysian-born man outside his home in Sydney was not a race-hate crime. (source)

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