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He finally slipped up and let his anti-Semitic slip show

Why Jimmy Carter Really is an Anti-Semite

Dr. Richard Benkin  Bio
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 By Dr. Richard Benkin  Monday, June 15, 2009

For years, many people have accused former US President of being an anti-Semite, but Carter and his minions have insisted that such accusations amount to calumny and that he is simply a moral man who speaks for the oppressed Palestinians.  This week, however, he finally slipped up and let his anti-Semitic slip show.

A day after Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s June 14 speech on the Middle East conflict, Carter told the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Israeli Knesset (or Parliament), “In my opinion, Netanyahu brought up several obstacles to peace in his speech that others before him have not placed.  He insists on settlement expansion and demands that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, even though 20% of Israel’s citizens are not Jewish.”

Israel’s right to exist is an obstacle to peace

So, in Jimmy Carter’s world, Israel’s daring to insist that it be recognized as the Jewish homeland—only the very reason why it exists and the historical basis for it—cannot be allowed.  It is the obstacle to peace, not the Arabs’ refusal to accept it.

Carter’s rationale for thinking that, however, is really the smoking gun of his anti-Semitism; specifically, that Jews make up less than 100 percent of Israel’s population.  Funny, though, he applies this argument to the world’s only Jewish state, and never has done the same to any other country.  Mr. Carter seems to consider himself rather knowledgeable in world affairs.  If he is, then his omission is one based on bias rather than ignorance.  There are 27 countries where Islam is the official state religion, including Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, which border Israel.  The 24 others are:  Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Comoros, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq,
Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Somalia, Somaliland, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.  Several of them, such as Bangladesh, have sizeable non-Muslim minorities; and many with almost none, such as Pakistan, destroyed its non-Muslim minority even while Carter was its ally!

To be comprehensive, 12 countries (plus England, Scotland, and 17 Swiss Cantons) recognize Christianity as their state religion, and Buddhism is the official state religion in three.  Carter has never made a peep about any of the 42 countries with an official state religion.  He certainly never complained to his Saudi allies or the Jordanians because they prohibit Jews from residing in their countries.

Yet, Carter has seen fit to call Israel’s desire to be recognized as the historical Jewish homeland it is as “an obstacle to peace.” This despite the fact Israel allows free practice of all religions, unlike most of the 27 Islamic nations including Saudi Arabia which makes any religious expression other than Islam a crime.

Doubtless, the man from Plains will protest that he is being attacked for criticizing Israel (another favorite cry of anti-Semites).  Before he does, however, he might consider that the only way he will have any credibility is to simultaneously call Saudi Arabia’s and the other 26 countries to drop Islam as their official religion.  Let’s not hold our breath, for neither Carter nor any of the other world leaders who call a Jewish State an obstacle to peace ever thought to treat Judaism and Islam equally.

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Dr. Richard L. Benkin secured the release of Bangladeshi journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury in 2005.  The two continue working together to fight Islamist radicals and their allies in South Asia and elsewhere.  For more information on how to help, please contact Dr. Benkin at  Their web site is Dr. Benkin can be reached at:

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