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"Maoist atrocities” are coming in from all over the country

Nepalese Communists Showing their True Colors

 By Dr. Richard Benkin  Monday, June 30, 2008

A friend recently mentioned that he had been “hearing about the Communist victory in Nepal on NPR [National Public Radio].” This network, funded by US taxpayers, reports news and commentary from a generally liberal or leftist stance; although it would be incorrect to dismiss NPR as worthless or any sort of hack journalism.

“Yeah, I’ve been listening to NPR and they say they’re not like the Soviet Communists,” he continued.  They won power through participation in electoral politics.  And in fact that is the image that Nepal’s new Maoist leaders have been trying to project ever since joining the previous governing coalition.

News out of Nepal, however, presents a very different picture.  According to information in the South Asian Terrorist Portal, “Maoist atrocities” are coming in from all over the country.  In some cases, it appears Nepal’s new rulers are exacting a brutal revenge on those who previously opposed them, especially in the countryside.  The crackdown was brutal enough for women to take to the streets in protest.  Journalist Niraj Aryal writes in Telegraph Nepal, “It was in the district of Dailekh-Nepal, women folk took to the topsy-turvy Ghodeto and Godeto (Horse and Foot trails) protesting against the Maoists’ atrocities.” He made sure to add, “No male counterparts as of then had the courage to protest against the Maoists.” It is significant to note that in the bloody days before the communists got their rebel feet in the constitutional door, it was women who were the backbone of the Maoists’ support network in the Nepali countryside.  Aryal writes that they worked as “underground party cadres or even carried weapons in the Peoples’ Liberation Army.” Now many of them are rebelling against the communists’ turning their backs on their promises people’s paradise.

Another Nepali journalist, identified in articles only as “TGW,” reports that “Comrade” Netra Bikram Chand alias Biplav told a Kathmandu gathering on June 28, “The Nepali Congress has become the stooge of the foreigners and its final objective is to disintegrate the country.” He also warned the people that foreigners (code words in Nepal for Indians) were threatening their independence and accused “centric parties” of collusion with them. 

“The imperialists and the feudal forces have joined hands to sideline the victory of the Nepali people and that they are the ones who have been provoking the [centrist] parties to prolong the deadlock.”

Biplav is a party official and member of the Central Committee.  Speaking in their name he said that as a result of this danger, the Maoists “will no longer resort to the competitive politics… complete freedom is possible through establishing a peoples’ democratic republic.”

NPR failed to inform my friend that Nepal’s Maoist conducted a brutal insurgency that caused over 15,000 deaths in the impoverished Himalayan country.  Through an arrangement with Pakistani intelligence, Maoist rebels provide safe haven for Al Qaeda troops on the run from coalition forces in Afghanistan; and it was in exchange for those services that the Pakistanis secured them a place in Nepal’s emerging coalition.  That allowed them to get their steel toed boots in the democratic door, which led to their electoral victory this past spring.  With their transformation into a political party both recent and tactical, however, Nepal’s new communist rulers have been systematically destroying both opposition and individual rights in that country.

Dr. Richard L. Benkin secured the release of Bangladeshi journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury in 2005.  The two continue working together to fight Islamist radicals and their allies in South Asia and elsewhere.  For more information on how to help, please contact Dr. Benkin at  Their web site is


Dr. Benkin can be reached at:

Dr. Richard Benkin most recent columns

Posted 06/30 at 07:44 AM   Email


 This piece is in Category: World News

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