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We at AIM have frequently lamented the corruption of NGOs, which even if initially set up as a force for good, now mainly champion Islamic supremacist aspirations, while ignoring the oppression of  its many victims. Here's an example of two BAD NGOs:

1. Geoff Dickson wrote in
UNRWA – the Really Wicked Agency - (24-02-09):

In 1948 neighboring Arab states urged Arabs living in Israel to leave because they were going to destroy Israel. As a result up to 600,000 Arabs moved into the Gaza area and were settled into “temporary” camps. The Gaza area is now home to some 4,200,000 “refugees”.

A video on UNRWA shows:

        * 1.The UN Commissioner claiming that HAMAS did not violate the truce and a graph showing Hamas actually fired 120 rockets into Israel;
        * 2.Young school kids, products of UNRWA schools, chanting Jihadi statements towards Israel
        * UNRWA official denying rockets were fired from a UNRWA building, and a video of a rocket firing from the base of the building;
        * 4.HAMAS fighters using UN ambulances to transport their fighters
        * 5.Houses that Israel built in the early 1970’s to accommodate the refugees but which have been ignored by UNRWA and left vacant.

The Palestinian education system is funded through the UNRWA, which employs some 18,000 Palestinians in over 250 schools it operates in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
But UNRWA-paid teachers in UNRWA-built schools are teaching from textbooks with anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli and anti-coexistence indoctrination.

UNRWA was established over 60 years ago with a one year mandate to support refugees from Israel. Today it’s conduct suggests that it should be closed down as it has failed miserably in its objectives, and has openly promoted hate.

2. Another deplorable NGO is World Vision (see . Aussie Dhimwit of the Month (November 2009), whose Chief Executive in Australia, Rev. Tim Costello, champions Islamist causes, yet is seemingly indifferent to the suffering of their victims.

...World Vision and Tim are vehemently anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian:

From NGO Monitor Digest (Vol. 2 No. 12), August 15, 2004:

    …ignoring the terrorism that was responsible for the deaths of Israeli civilians, World Vision promotes an amoral equivalence between perpetrators and victims of terror, offering no context to the loss of life. Instead, Israeli security measures are described as a "policy of sealing entries and exits to cities, villages, and towns as a form of collective punishment of the Palestinian population."
World Vision's response to Israel's security barrier displays almost no acknowledgment of its impact in preventing terror. Tim Costello described the barrier as "part of the problem, not part of the solution", evoking the highly politicized and inappropriate claim that the barrier is reminiscent of the Cold War and Eastern Bloc oppression. (His comparison reflects the Palestinian propaganda effort to compare the Berlin Wall, designed to keep citizens from fleeing, with Israel's security barrier, which saves the lives of its citizens.)

This NGO is particularly active in promoting crude propaganda in the UN 2007, World Vision's Thomas Getman, continued this pattern in a speech in Geneva marking the 60th anniversary of UN Resolution 181, which called for the creation of two states, one Arab and one Jewish. His speech failed to mention ongoing Palestinian terrorist and missile attacks against Israel, and he used highly manipulative, emotionally charged rhetoric.
...World Vision’s statement in the inaugural session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in June 2006, exploited the suffering of Palestinian children in order to launch a political attack on Israel. 


World Vision CEO Tim Costello

   * His devotion to child welfare doesn't extend to Israeli child victims:

If it comes down to a conflict between the quality of life and the right to life, ethics would indicate the latter should take precedence. Yet neither Tim Costello ("For the children's sake, tear down this wall!" ) nor the International Court of Justice seem to think this elemental moral rule applies to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

... the failure of the court to even consider "Israel's legitimate right of self-defence, military necessity, and security needs, given the repeated deadly terrorist attacks in and upon Israel . . . cannot be justified as a matter of law".

... Essentially, the argument of the court, and by implication Costello, is that Israel must turn the other cheek to the terrorists because practical steps to fight Hamas et al - groups that seek not self-determination but Israel's destruction - are all illegal.  (source)

But there's some good news on the horizon, with the founding of FORCEFIELD, an NGO dedicated to championing the cause of the oppressed rather than the oppressor.
In the words of its founder Dr. Richard Benkin:

Forcefield is a non-agenda driven human rights NGO. That means we are not anti-Israel, anti-US, anti-Conservative, etc., like the other human rights NGOs. It also means that we will take on the human rights violations those other organizations ignore, including those perpetrated by Islamists and those perpetrated against Jews, Hindus, and Christians. At our first Board Meeting, we agreed that the two issues we are taking up first are the ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus and the ongoing persecution of Muslim Zionist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury in Bangladesh. As we gain strength, people, and resources, we will take on more.

Dr. Richard L. Benkin

FORCEFIELD's primary concern is to stop the ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus, and on these trips I met with victims and victimizers (Islamists and Communists); and I gather solid evidence which I have been providing to members of the US Congress and Senate, as well as the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. We are making tremendous progress in Washington on that front.

The trip also fulfills an important educative function in India, where we are increasing understanding among the people that the threat faced by India and Israel (as well as ultimately the rest of us) is the same. And we have made significant inroads in organizing pro-Israel and anti-Islamist groups there, especially among the youth and even on campuses with a notoriously leftist and anti-Israel orientation. Last year I spoke at the Supreme Court, several universities, and in numerous groups--as well as fighting for the Bangladeshi Hindus in the refugee camps along terrorist-infested borders.

I have been working with several Indians to make a documentary film on the plight of Hindus in West Bengal, Assam, and Kashmir. We also will document how it is part of a wider jihad and threatens all of us, as well as being part of the jihad against Israel.

And, of course, gathering the information and educating people in Washington about it also falls under Forcefield's mandate. We are always on the lookout for instances like the January conference in Australia... Since no one seems to be using that success as a template for similar successes, I am hoping that Forcefield will.

Sounds good to me, and no doubt to many of my fellow Aussies, who have long ago seen through the malevolence parading as human rights and are irritated with the supine and politically correct attitude of our leaders.

What's more, there's an Aussie component to all this. In A Small Victory Down Under, Dr. Benkin explains:

An anti-Israel conference scheduled to be held in an official Australian state building was canceled after a small group of dedicated individuals revealed the conference leader’s anti-Semitic motives. Maqsood Alshams, an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, planned the conference to debate the issue of charging Israel with war crimes for its recent actions in Gaza. Since arriving Down Under in the 1990s, Alshams had become a darling of the Australian left and became known as a “human rights” advocate. It is within that context that spews his relentless anti-Israel venom.

On December 30, I received one of Alshams’ emails, which quoted Malaysia’s Foreign Minister condemning Israel for “disproportionate, indiscriminate and excessive use of force in Gaza and… collective punishment imposed by the Occupying Power on the Palestinian people.” The email fell back on the usual illogical set of human rights accusation against the Jewish state, including the allegation that Israel’s defensive war was a “crime against humanity.” There was nothing remarkable about the email, and I normally do not bother responding to them. But this one came from Australia where the anti-Israel propaganda war–largely over in Europe and in its infancy in the United States—is in full swing. Moreover, email recipients included members of the Australian media who seemed to believe that Alshams’ pro-Palestinian passion was prompted by nothing more than a morally pure commitment to human rights. So I responded. What I sent was this.

      “Why didn’t these same people cry for ‘international intervention’ when the Palestinians–and Hamas in particular–thanked Israel for leaving Gaza by making it a terrorist base to lob missiles onto civilian populations in Southern Israel? Where were these same people when Israeli civilians were facing constant rocket attack from Hamas and its allies?”

What I got back was as much a surprise as it was a gift.

“The simple answer,” Alshams wrote, “is that you the Jews are real motherfucker bastards. In 1990 I myself entered in to the Jewish Consulate in Istanbul in Turkey as a law abiding citizen, met two Jewish Diplomats named Hayim Hosen and Eli Lev, I was stripped searched, sexually harassed, personally humiliated by Mohsad agents, you should keep your dirty mouth shut calling any Bangladeshi a brother, you guys are simply assholes. I don’t want to make this an international issue being secured in Australia. But simply Jews like you are the dirty scums… Stop playing the bloody victim games. You scums need to leave Palestine ASAP and give world a bit of peace… and keep your dirty mouth shut…I wonder why God himself hate the Jews…” (The dots are not of my doing. I have replicated Alshams’ email exactly as I received it.)

Not surprisingly, Alshams did not share these sentiments with the larger group; so I did. I also decided to find out more about him. Alshams has convinced Australians that he was a journalist in Bangladesh who had to flee for fear of his life. He alleges that he worked for a paper owned by one powerful party and was threatened by their political opponents. That would suggest he was pretty important. Yet, when Bangladeshi journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury investigated, he found no one who could say if Alshams “ever worked with any newspaper here.” He also said that nobody at the National Press Club ever heard of Maqsood Alshams. Choudhury, by the way, is the Bangladeshi who Alshams did not want me to call brother. But when he was imprisoned and tortured for writing pro-US, pro-Israel, and anti-Islamist articles, I led the campaign that freed him. Alshams and his ilk did nothing. So when he emerged from the hell of that confinement, it was Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury who said, “When my own people abandoned me, my Jewish brother protected me, stood with me.”

... the masquerade over on January 28 when the Herald ran the story. Reporter Erik Jensen noted that Alshams at first tried to defend the hate-speech as a “private argument.” He said he was “not an anti-Semite at all. I have many Jewish friends.” Well, when he saw that no one was buying his “some of my best friends” defense, he apologized for what he said, blaming it on being “intoxicated and angry.” While Jensen’s article said that backers were not pulling out of the conference, a follow up piece the next day told a different story. The conference had been canceled. The revelations spoiled its public façade of being fair and conducted out of the purest of motives.

Alshams’ “I was drunk” argument did not hold water. He clearly had the presence of mind not to send the offensive email to the wider group for fear of damaging his reputation; not indicative of being drunk. He also telephoned me about two hours later, and repeated the anti-Jewish remarks in a voice not at all marred by slurred speech or the sort of incoherence that marks someone intoxicate. More to the point, being drunk would explain the bad judgment of making the remarks and revealing his bias, but it would not explain away the bias itself. As they say, in vino veritas.

The significance of this small victory goes beyond the episode itself. For Israel’s enemies have successfully—and fallaciously—appropriated the human rights high ground. Talking heads in academia, the media, and government in several nations have allowed them to engage in the worst sort of illogic and hate speech by adopting their version of history and morality. No hyperbole is out of bounds for them. They love to compare Israelis to Nazis and Palestinians to Jewish holocaust victims, though there is no similarity between the two. They have so terribly skewed the ideological playing field that Hamas can use Arab civilians as human shields then accuse Israel of human rights violations when those civilians become casualties of war.

Incidents like this expose the real motivations of the anti-Israel movement and stripped away its cynical use of human rights language. And it must be done again and again and again until the truth finally wins back the day. (source)

One small victory maybe, but nonetheless it shows what just one determined person can do to expose the fraud that is being perpetrated on us. Actions like this by brave individuals serve as an inspiration to those of us who want to uphold our  democracy against the incipient threat of  totalitarian Islam.

I suspect we shall hear plenty more about FORCEFIELD in the near future and wish it success in its efforts to expose the hatred and lies behind faux human rights groups, who wish to destroy democracies like Australia, America, India and Israel.

Say NO to Sharia and its Marxist enablers!

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