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Iran patronizing terror in Bangladesh

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By now, it is certainly not an unknown fact to anyone that Iran is a country patronizing terror. And the so-called state of Palestine is in fact, a looting venture of some groups of people, led by Hamas and Fatah.

The Iran-Palestine nexus is active in spreading religious extremism as well as provoking terror in Bangladesh for years. It is evidently proved that, notorious terror groups in this country are continuing to get various types of supports and patronizations from Iran-Palestine nexus.

Palestinian former ambassador in Bangladesh, Shahta Zarab was involved in trafficking in drugs and arms and a stake of income from such illegal deals were going for funding terrorism. Zarab was maintaining links with several notorious groups. He was even using local women and women from abroad in keeping his contacts with various people in Bangladesh and abroad.

In recent days, Iran-Palestine nexus started showing its activities openly. It was already reported in press that, this notorious nexus organized a ‘seminar’ in Dhaka against United States, West and Israel.

Speakers in the seminar organized by notorious Iran-Palestine nexus in Bangladesh said “United States, Israel and their allied forces are spreading terror in the entire world.”

Speakers said “Mr. Bush is the top terrorist in today’s world”.

It may be mentioned here that, Iran-Palestine nexus in Bangladesh organized a seminar in Dhaka on Friday at the Supreme Court Bar auditorium in observation of what it said ‘Al Quds Day’. The program was participated by a number of controversial and questioned figures in the society. Foreign affairs advisor in the military backed interim government in Bangladesh, Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, who is a known anti-American element, sent written statement expressing Dhaka’s solidarity with this program. In the statement, Dr. Iftekhar said, “peace in the Middle East can only be possible if independent Palestinian state is established with Jerusalem as its capital. Sorrows of Palestinian people began with the establishment of Israel sixty years back.”

The seminar was attended by Iranian ambassador Hassan Farazandeh, charge d’ affairs of Morocco Mohammed Idris, ‘ambassador of Palestine’ Shaher Mohammad, Professor Emaz Uddin Ahmed [pro-BNP intellectual], Director [West and Central Asia] in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khondaker Abdus Sattar, Professor Kabir Chowdhury [leftist social activist and co-worker of Shahriar Kabir], Moulana Mohammed Ishaq [Amir of Khelafat Majlish] and Haider Akber Khan Rono [Polite bureau members of Bangladesh Workers Party]. Keynote paper was presented by Mobaedur Rahman [editorial assistant with Daily Inqilab].

Eminent columnist and top man of an NGO named 'UBINIG', Farhad Mazhar finally did not participate in the program.

In his speech, Director [West and Central Asia] in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khondaker Abdus Sattar said, “We are saying the same things for sixty years, but repression on Palestinians are increasing every moment. Any sensible society cannot tolerate this. Bangladeshi government and people strongly condemn such brutality.”
Professor Kabir Chowdhury said, “Palestinian struggle is for establishment of rights. Their battle will continue till establishment of an independent Palestinian state.”
Charge d’ affairs of Morocco Mohammed Idris said, “Morocco will extend all possible cooperation for the liberation of Palestine.”

Iranian ambassador Hassan Farazandeh said, “Intifada will continue against the occupation forces till it is ended.”

Workers Party leader and recipient of Canadian Award for Journalism Haider Akber Khan Rono said, “Palestinian war is not only for the people of Palestine but for the entire world community. American imperialism is determined in spreading wings around the entire world. All of the boundaries in Bangladesh are under US capture.”
Professor Emaz Uddin Ahmed said, “US administration is rogue.”

Bangladesh Khelafat Majlish leader Moulana Mohammed Ishaq said, “If the Muslim nations were not licking feet of Unites States, Israel would have already been eliminated from the global map.”

It is worth mentioning here, Bangladesh Khelafat Andolan is a notorious Islamist group, which in recent days established close ties with Hizbut Tahrir. This group is actively patronizing terror and recent incident at the National Mosque in Dhaka, where members of law enforcing agencies were seriously injured were the result of such notoriety of Khelafat Majlish. It is also learnt that, this organization receives regular finance from a South Asian espionage group and it also signed a treaty with Bangladesh Awami League [BAL] for establishment of Shariah Law in 2006 [right before the postponed election].

Similar programs were also organized in Dhaka on Friday by various groups under direct financial and otherwise patronization of Iran-Palestine nexus.
It may be mentioned here that, foreign advisor in the military backed interim government in Bangladesh; Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury is continuing his anti-American, anti-West and anti-Semitic attitude for months. He virtually expressed Dhaka’s willingness in ‘getting out of US-West influence’ and forming greater alliance with Iran, China, Pakistan, India and other Asian nations. Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury is personally showing interest towards all anti-US, anti-West and anti-Semitic elements in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi intelligence is already keeping eyes on activities of this notorious international network of terrorism. It is believed that many of the policymakers in the government were particularly annoyed at the recent remarks of the foreign advisor, as Bangladesh never considers United States, West or Israel as enemy countries. Some of the local experts are considering taking Israeli agro-technology in increasing agricultural production in Bangladesh. Israel provided similar support to West Bengal in greatly resolving food shortage.

But, some vested interest groups are active in sabotaging possible relations between Dhaka and Jerusalem as such relations will not only help Bangladesh in gaining economic strength, but would also help the country in resolving various urgent crisis.