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NATION | Saturday, April 15, 2006 | Email | Print | | Back  

Time to neutralise terror camps in Nepal: Intelligence

Pramod Kumar Singh/ New Delhi

Intelligence agencies have found evidence of al-Qaeda's presence in Vangadhi, Krishna Nagar, Nepalganj and Butkalganj towns of the Himalayan Kingdom.

In a report to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the agencies have warned about the threat posed by al-Qaeda's training camp and said it was high time the Government of India took certain drastic measures to neutralise these terror camps.

The MHA sources said the Government top brass reviewed the situation in the light of intelligence inputs that these elements could try to foment trouble in Bihar's bordering districts.

The camps run by the Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) have highly indoctrinated youth who are being trained to target India' neighbouring districts.

ISI is providing logistic support and officials of Pakistan's embassy at Kathmandu were reportedly sighted in these camps. With King Gyanendra declaring elections in Nepal, there are indications that al-Qaeda cadres could foment
trouble in Nepal and India's bordering districts during elections.

"Faced with grave internal crisis, Nepal provides the kind of environment that suits a terrorist outfit like the al-Qaeda. After US forces destroyed al-Qaeda's bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan, their handlers found Nepal could provide al-Qaeda fighters a sanctuary," intelligence sources added.

Investigations have found that Afghan people might have reached Nepal seeking asylum as the US forces began to comb the parts of Afghanistan for decimating networks of al-Qaeda.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) came handy for this as it ferreted scores of Pakistani nationals to Nepal. Those disembarking at Tribhuvan International Airtport Kathmandu were, in fact, Afghan national who entered Nepal in the cover of Pakistani nationals.

India's worry stems from the fact that apart from al-Qaeda, other anti-India terrorist groups are working with the Maoists of Nepal to create disturbances in India.

Indian security agencies have on many occasions provided clinching evidence about ISI's involvement in India that how it was acting overtime to bleed India by pushing in terrorist groups.

It had also smuggled lethal arms and counterfeit currency into Indian territory. It is a known secret the officials of Pakistan's embassy at Kathmandu have been found to be in league with various terrorist groups and were providing logistics for launching subversive strikes.

Security agencies are worried over that if the security situation continues to deteriorate and the Government is unable to impose effective control, strife-torn and unstable Nepal could be exploited by al-Qaeda and other international terrorist groups.

Now with agencies providing evidence of al-Qaeda's presence in Nepal, a country in turmoil and with little state presence in vast part of its territory could easily provide a haven for anti-India forces, the sources added.

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