When Mumbai Comes To Your Mall
by Tamar Yonah

You're out holiday shopping. The stores are crowded and everything is very busy. All of a sudden, you hear gunfire and shouting in a foreign accent. People are dropping their bags and taking cover, some falling to the ground. Screaming and panic and chaos ensue. What do you do?

Global terrorism has become a plague. Fears of terror attacks are on the minds of westerners, and some say it is not if, but when. How can you prepare for such a scenario as what took place in Mumbai, India, if it comes to your mall? Director of the Northeast Intelligence Network Douglass L. Hagmann was interviewed on Israel National Radio's Weekend Edition and said that attacks like those in Mumbai will happen again.

Hagmann is a private investigator and security and surveillance expert who provides information for the FBI, Homeland Security and other agencies. He's also the author of "Tactical Surveillance" an investigative manual that is used at Henley-Putnam University as one of the core texts in the criminal justice program.

Hagmann wants the public to know, "I’ve personally investigated potential terrorists who are in this country [U that appear to be training for just such scenarios." He went on to explain that he has evidence of Muslim groups training in the Catskills. They train with automatic weapons and the loud spats of gunfire are unsettling and disturbing to those neighbors who reside nearby. The most disturbing thing Hagmann says is that during surveillance of this Muslim group it was discovered that they have video of them practicing shooting up a yellow school bus they had brought onto their property. The school bus target shooting is disturbing because it could be a sign to come of a future terror attack on American school children.

What about immediate targets?

Hagmann states that the Mall of America is a prime target for Islamic terrorists. "The terrorists have published their desires to create an attack against American civilians in a retail shopping outlet. Number one, for the body count, number two, for the ease of the target and thirdly, they don't care if they kill women and children, in fact, all the better, and number four, it would have a serious economic affect on the country. Why not attack during a Christmas holiday [Christmas shoppin?"

The problem

The United States and other western leaders have been intellectually dishonest in identifying the enemy, Hagmann states. "We are not fighting a 'war on terrorism'. Terrorism is a tactic, it is not a target. Terrorism is a means to an end. We are fighting a war against Islamic Nazism, we are fighting a 'religious war'."

Hagmann's view of the Arab Israeli conflict

From an investigative point of view, "It would not matter how much land Israel gave away. It wouldn't matter if all of the grievances by the Islamic world were satisfied. They will not be satisfied, and there will not be an end to terrorism [for all of u until one of two things happen. Number one, our enemy is completely eradicated or number two, they succeed in taking over the world by establishing a one world Islamic Caliphate.

"I believe that Israel is the best friend that the United States has ever had and will ever have in the middle east, and it is our moral obligation to back Israel in whatever actions Israel plans to do with respect to Iran. I don't think the world can tolerate, nor should they accept a nuclear armed Iran. Just the mere fact that Ahmadinejad has threatened to exterminate Israel should be a sufficient cause to take action against this man. I think it's a shame. It's sinful. I think that G-d will render judgment on America for not taking action against Iran when they had the opportunity. The threat is absolute, I think the threat is real and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible or else we're going to come to a point where we will not be able to address the threat without the use of nuclear weapons."

'Politically Correct' gets in the way

Hagmann says that his reports and investigations are to be taken seriously. "When we turn over valid reports with evidence, - such as photographs, video tape, documentation that's irrefutable -that is considered best evidence in a criminal trial, …when we provide evidence that lives up to that standard, which by the way, separates us from other agencies on the Internet, -we're not a blog that writes opinions, our actions and our findings are what we provide to the agency that separates us from other blogs and what have you, on the Internet."

Hagmann is frustrated because of the way the U.S. government is handling enemy threats against it. He chastises the government and media for calling this a 'war on terror', and not a 'religious war'. He says we must identify the enemy or we cannot win this war.

Reports have been given to the government stating the hard truth. "A lot of times, we have seen unbelievable dissention among people. When in fact they say, we have to act on this or that. Or look, this IS Islamic fundamentalism, or this ideology is being taught in mosques across the United States." But it is either ignored or disqualified because of political correctness or ineptness. "Numerous individuals who had subcontracting status with the Pentagon, with our government, has been summarily dismissed, because they were not adhering to the philosophy, to the ideology, that Islam does not pose a threat to the United States." Hagmann stated.

"There was one infamous case not too long ago, I think it was about a year ago, where a long standing member of the United States military was – he was a subcontractor providing intelligence and other information to the Pentagon. When he issued a 300 and some odd page report about the threat of the Islamic fundamentalists within this country. A Muslim agent of the Pentagon was offended by the findings of that particular report. And as a result of that religious offense, and basically because of the objections by this Muslim agent who was in the Pentagon, the lieutenant was fired despite his twenty plus years of seniority and despite the fact that the report he submitted was factually accurate. So yes, what I am saying is that a lot of times political correctness and religious, the dumbing down of different things, trumps the threat. We have decision makers who are actually making decisions which are contrary to the security of the United States based on attempting to appease and acquiesce to religious groups.”

Hagmann's surveillance and exposure of Muslim radical groups operating in the United States has earned him death threats. There's a 'fatwa' (Muslim death edict) out on him from Sheik Gilani of Pakistan, the Muslim Sheik Daniel Pearl was on his way to interview when he was killed.