Why the U.S. should pay attention to Balochistan

Dr. Richard L. Benkin

The occupied nation of Balochistan straddles Pakistan and Iran; two nations that are high on [President Trump's] enemies list and occupy key geo-political positions. Iran is the foremost exporter of radical Islamist terror; and Pakistan for years has been taking U.S. money meant to fight that terror and using it instead to attack India and its own minorities, including the Baloch. Read on.


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My book, A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: the Murder of Bangladesh's Hindus, is available for US and international readers.
Please re-post our infographic and bring important information to new audiences with specific actions they can take to help save 12-15 million souls.
Repeal Bangladesh's Vested Property Act, a re-drawn version of the racist act that has almost eliminated Hindus in Pakistan.
Stop the ethnic cleansing of Bangladesh's Hindus, who have gone from almost one in five to under eight percent, while the world watched passively.


See the evidence that will condemn Bangladesh before the world for jihad against millions of Hindus! US readers click here; others click here, or you can get it on Amazon.

US Human Rights Activist Fights for Bangladeshi Hindus

Chicago (USA): American Jewish activist, Dr. Richard L. Benkin, returned to the United States after an extensive mission to India on behalf of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh. After stops in Delhi and Lucknow, Benkin trekked throughout West Bengal, and near porous borders with Bangladesh, Nepal, and China....Read on.

Repeal Bangladesh's Racist Vested Property Act Now!

Bangladesh’s Vested Property Act (VPA) is a racist law. It provides the government—which really means the corrupt politicians in the ruling party—with the power to seize the homes and farms of innocent citizens and distribute them as graft to their cronies....Read on.

Arvind Ghosh Memorial Lecture - Dr. Richard Benkin

On November 1, 2008, Richard Benkin gave the Arvind Ghosh Memorial Lecture in Chicago. He spoke about an India-Israel-United States Alliance against radical Islam, the ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus, and action we can take. He received a standing ovation when finished. Read on.

Jihad has come to India

The Obama administration and State Department will tell you that it is only isolated acts by individuals. The government in New Delhi will say you are stirring up anti-Muslim sentiment. But it is real and happening now. I have seen it first-hand.......Read on.

Anti-Hindu Pogrom in Bangladesh

In Spring 2009, a small Hindu community in Dhaka was attacked by its Muslim neighbors. The Bangladeshi police not only failed to act, but some actually took part in the violence. Yet, the media outside of Bangladesh was silent except for India's Daily Pioneer. Are my sources really that much better than CNN's? Read on.

Richard Benkin
American Jewish activist Richard Benkin freed him in 2005 and later from Bang- ladesh's RAB. He now is trying to stop Islamist ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus while the "human rights" industry remains silent.

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